“Appalachian Fog” Gallery Wall for Master Bedroom

I’m not trying to be like “oh, I am so fancy and give all my rooms titles”, but I totally do come up with random sets of words for every space I decorate. It’s so fun and so much easier to stay consistent in the decorations and purchases if you have a theme or color scheme.

So, the theme for the master bedroom is “Appalachian Fog” aka landscapes, gold, musty grays, blues and greens,  calm, relaxing, etc.

Here is my inspiration photo:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gallery wall. One, because unlike most gallery collage walls, this one is contained within a rectangle, which is sort of like a large piece of artwork in itself.  Two, the landscapes set a calm mood which is totally what I was going for. and Three, I figured finding landscape paintings (within a very limited budget) would be the ultimate treasure hunt (and I love hunting for treasures).

So, here is what I have found so far:


((Dec 22, 2012)) I found this oil painting at the MiddleTown Peddlers Mall, which is by far my favorite peddlers mall I have ever been to. It was painted by a woman named Carol, but I couldn’t quite make out her last name. AND it was painted in 1977, which is crazy to me because I was like -11 years old. Anyway, the price for this was $4.99!! What a steal!

photo-80 photo-79

((Dec, 23, 2012)) Ughhh, I decided to go to the Fern Creek Peddlers Mall. I hate it there. But, I went anyways. I found  a bunch of over priced prints and crap crap crap. I did however find one watercolor painting I liked. The awesome part of this is that I got this for $10. The not so awesome part is that the painting is sliding around, and the frame is all florida-condo with it’s gold bamboo-ness. As long as it is the only frame I have in my gallery wall with gold bamboo, I think it could still work.  As you can see the original price was $80 (which actually is a good price for an original painting, but just not in my budget right now) !! Pretty good I think.

photo-83 photo-82

((Dec. 24th 2012 CHRISTMAS EVE, yes i went to the peddlers mall this morning)) Found this watercolor painting, $13.50 at the Middle Town Peddlers Mall. Painted in 1972.


(( December 27th, 2012 )) $15 for this set of 2 original watercolor paintings. Found at the Outer Loop Peddlers Mall. At this point I am king of wondering if I should paint all the frames navy. Just a thought. I still need about 5 more pieces of art, so i’ll just wait to see.

(( Below: January 3, 2012) The next three paintings were found at YesterNook, read my post about it here.


Mountains and Sea landscape, Oil on canvas, $14.99

photo (18) photo (19)

Creek and Trees, Oil on Canvas, $12.95

photo (3) photo (20)

Mountain and Lake Scene, Oil on board, $5.99. What a steal!


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