Ari Michael’s Nursery

A couple of weeks ago we found out that our baby is a boy!!! ahh!! I’m so excited and I seriously couldn’t help but start thinking about the nursery design. Obviously I had to make a mood board right away. Like the very next day. asap.

So, Here are the vibes, the mood, etc of Ari’s room. In this room I actually didn’t have a set phrase or title for the room like I usually do, instead I had words and colors. Adventures, Navy, artful, traveler, gold, emerald, collector, occasional animals.


So far I have been collecting artwork for the room.


“Childhood Keepsakes”, 2009, 49″ x 35″, Prismacolor Pencils, Thread, Fabric and Paper Layersart

The largest artwork is the drawing above that I made in college, I have been saving it for my child’s room. I actually used little keepsakes like seashells, and my own baby pillow to inspire the drawing. So it makes perfect sense that it be placed in my baby boy’s nursery.


And here are these two super cute small artworks that I found at the Middle Town Peddler’s Mall. For $8 each!!

photo-85  403549_4056809297549_1539893497_n

“Da Sky”, 2012, Allison Williams

This is a print that my sister, Allison, made in her folk art class in high school. ..yes she titled this “Da Sky” instead of “The Sky”. That’s just how it is.  Aren’t these colors PERFECT for his bedroom color scheme? I just need to figure out which print I want to use, I am leaning towards the bottom one though because of the warmer greens.

photo-86 530639_10100394041040774_653940427_n

“Abandoned House”, 2004?, Michael Dahl

My husband Mike made this print in his high school art class. Luckily his mom gave it to me before anyone tossed it!! How special will this be for Ari to have something his dad made? So special.


So here we are so far, a few pieces of artwork and a pretty good idea of where I want this room to go. I have tons of time (like four months!!) to finish it all. But of course, I want to finish it like right now.


“The Amazing Pear”, My Nephews, 2013

here is a link to the whole process


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