Thrifting With Lauren / no.2

It’s new years eve, one of my favorite days of the year. I get to kiss my love at midnight, wear high gloss black nail polish, and spend like an hour on my makeup (which I actually find to be very fun), and party the night away with my friends. So good.

photo (11)  396969_10200321115369463_104165993_n

I started my day with an excitement level of TEN, because I was heading out to the Kentucky Flea Market, held at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.

My excitement level didn’t stay at a ten for long. I am about to start whining.

1. I went alone. I should never have gone alone because some of those booth workers are scary stalkers and are like “oh you entered my booth, oh you looked this direction, you must be so interested in my objects. Let me tell you all about them and offer you a lower price.” AHH NOO. It’s always easier to navigate these crazy people when you have a friend (or husband) with you.

2. I’m pregnant. It’s freezing outside and was burning up on the inside. So I was uncomfortable and overheated the entire time. Even that $2.50 sprite didn’t cool me down.

3.  They had slim pickings. Like seriously. I did find a few things in the antique section that I was interested in, but other than that, it was peace sign earrings, dog shirts, deodorant, umm you get the jist.

Here are some of the interesting things I found, but didn’t buy. Poor quality photos so sorry!!

photo-95 photo-94 photo-93

photo-92 photo-91 photo-90



1. Handles for $3 each. Some sort of wall collage maybe to hang coats on?

2. Marina Boat Watercolor painting, framed.

3. Sailboat Painting. It didn’t have a price, I wasn’t going to buy it (because I already saw another one at a peddlers mall I want). But still pretty cool.

4. A spoon chandelier. Not for me, not for my house. But very crafty of someone.

5. A muffin pan that holds 48 muffins. For when you have parties and bake for 48 people.

6. An industrial letter “D”. for Dahl of course.

oh and here is one of the dog shirts (one of many that they had). I would totally wear it. But didn’t buy it.


I did buy one thing though, for baby Ari. Well, not for him, but for his nursery.


These antique horse hooks, 2 for $5. To hang his sweet little coat on.


One Comment on “Thrifting With Lauren / no.2

  1. So I am catching up on all the reading I’ve missed, haha! I do like those horse hooks. They look great in his room!

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