Thrifting With Lauren / no.3

Our master bedroom currently has a bed, and a laundry bin. Oh and a TV. That’s it. So basically we need..

1. A dresser

2. Side tables for each side of the bed

3. A large area rug for the seating area. (i’m including this in “furniture” because it’s just as expensive as a piece of furniture).

4. Two chairs OR a small love seat for the seating area.

5. A long, large mirror to lean against the wall directly across from the seating area.

and… less importantly, but still furniture I would like to have..

6. An upholstered coffee table

7. A small table to fit in between the two chairs.

SOOO MUCH FURNITURE!!! That could easily cost thousands of dollars. So I am trying to be super thrifty, but still obviously make good design choices.


photo (1)  photo

photo (3) photo (4)

photo (5)  photo (7)

photo (9)  12727598


1. Antique Dresser, 4 drawer, $180, Middle Town Peddler’s Mall

2.  White low quality dresser (would change the knobs), $95, Fern Creek Peddler’s Mall

3. Antique Dresser, tall, two drawers on top, three on bottom, $295, Fern Creek Peddler’s Mall

4.  Rustic, overly stained, quickly painted, long dresser with black top, $100, Fern Creek Peddler’s Mall

5.  Dark stained, antique dresser with white knobs (would obv. change them), $95, Outer Loop Peddler’s Mall

6. Art Deco, Light wood dresser/buffet, $250, Outer Loop Peddler’s Mall

7.  Dark stained dresser, 10 drawers, $299, Big Lots

8.  Hartford Dresser, Dark Mahogony, $239,

9. Brown Gravity Dresser, Pressed wood, cheap, looks cute, new knobs,  $229,


photo photo (2) photo (8)

1. Antique Chair, hate the fabric but like the shape of the chair, $85, Outer Loop Peddler’s Mall

2. Striped Sofa, Love love, does have a stain lol, Mike hates it, $100, Middle Town Peddler’s Mall

3. Light Blue Chair, floral 70’s pattern, $129, Big Lots

Side Tables:

photo (10)

1. White side table, two drawers, would change the knobs, $79, Big Lots


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