“The Amazing Pear”

I’m watching my nephews a couple of day’s over winter break, and today we made a really fun pear painting to hang in Ari’s Nursery. I’m not exactly sure why I wanted a pear painting, I just wanted a shape that was simple enough for a nursery.

“The Amazing Pear”

photo (15)


Frankie (7), Silas (4), and Chatley (3).

photo (12) photo (2) photo (1)

Step 1: Practice drawing. 

Since Frankie’s the oldest, I thought he should be the one to draw the pear. I made him practice on sticky notes, and after three tries, it’s perfect!

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (6)

Step 2: Drawing On The Canvas With An Eraser

Now time to draw on the real canvas. It can be super intimidating and it’s always hard to draw large, so he used the pencil eraser to practice. That way, we could just wipe it away if he messed up, or made the drawing too small. Which happened several times, so it’s good we did it this way.

photo (7)

I know, it’s hard to tell in the pictures, but in person it’s really easy to see the red pencil eraser marks.

photo (3)

Step 3: Drawing On Canvas With A Pencil

Basically, Frankie just traced the eraser marks lightly with the pencil.

photo (8)

Step 4: Tape off the outline of the pear. 

This step is so make sure that even when they paint outside of the lines of the pear, it still will maintain the shape of the pear after the paint is removed. I did this step, and just used regular painters tape (the kind you would use when painting your house). It peels off easier than regular tape and also prevents water and paint from getting underneath of it.

photo (9)

Step 5: PAINTING!!!

In the bathroom. 

We only used four colors (the color’s of Ari’s Room): Green, Blue, Yellow and White. The yellow isn’t really one of his room colors, but we needed it to make light green. First we mixed all kinds of colors and began painting. Then mixed even more colors. SO MANY SHADES OF GREEN!! First we painted within the pear shapes, then we painted the background using only blue and white paint.

photo (10)

photo (11)

photo (13)

Step 6: Removing The Painters Tape

See, it leaves that big thick white outline around the pear shapes.


Step 7: Re-outlining The Pear 

They used a dark blue paint, and outlined both pears. It kind of looks like the tape is still on the canvas, but it’s not.

photo (14)

This is like, my favorite painting ever.


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