Thrifting With Lauren / no.4

I have been hearing a lot about this new thrift store called YesterNook. Cute name. Anyway, I really have been wanting to go, and today I finally did. Definitely top three favorite thrift stores in Louisville. The staff is extremely nice and welcoming, and there are three floors of stuff to go through! It really feels like a maze as you are going through it all, but not the kind you get frustrated about. Lastly and most importantly, they had good items and the prices were overall very reasonable.

Except this. Guess how much this cost.  I’ll show you at the end.

photo (15)


I see what you did here. A cow is from the farm and so is rustic barn wood. Good job.

I found three more landscape paintings for my landscape gallery wall in the master bedroom. See them here.

I did find some oil paintings that were pretty and cheap, but the canvas was warped and you really can’t fix that, even with a frame. The only thing you could do is remove the canvas from the stretcher bars and re-stretch them on a new frame. If you feel like doing all that, here they are for $12.

photo (9) photo (14)

I also found a bunch of other interesting things.

photo (10)

African woven baskets, $9.99 each. They had two.


photo (11) photo (12)


A Large round wooden mirror, $29.99. I kinda want this.


photo (16) photo (6)

A Pineapple themed wooden lazy susan, $45. Buy this and have a luau party. Paula Deen has something similar, I know this forsure because I saw it on her show!





photo (8)


This random Door. I forgot the price.


photo (5) photo (17)

Two matching bar stools. I really do want these, and may even go back and get them. They need to be painted and  re-upholstered. Reminds me of a chair my granny used to have. $37 each. They called them “Retro”, but I hate that word so much. Probably because Emily Ellyn on Food Network Star used it every 30 seconds.

They also had tons of other furniture and random items, it’s really worth checking out.

and now the price of that cow painting from way up above:

photo (7)


Cow Painting is $225. yeah okay, no. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really nice little painting and would look super cute in the right home, but how are you going to try and sell artwork for $225 at a thrift store? Maybe I am wrong, maybe people would pay this at the thrift store, but I wouldn’t.

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