Thrifting With Lauren / no.5

Today was the first day back to school after a relaxing Christmas break. When I say back to “school”, I actually mean back to work. Every day after school I take a wonderful nap and it’s always the best nap ever. But,  I am trying to take less naps, so instead I went to the Crazy Daisy Antique Mall as an alternative activity. This is an awesome antique mall, but it has high prices. And it’s not all technically “antique”, but whatever. It is somewhat justified in it’s higher prices though, here is why:

1. The booth owners know their items well, and are able to say when it’s from, what style it is, etc etc. Opposed to just throwing something cool in a booth and putting a price tag on it, these owners have done their research.

2. The whole building is curated very nicely. Each little booth is decorated almost like a space in a home.

3. It’s a reliable place to shop. Most other thrift stores are iffy, and you have to dig. But going here you are guaranteed to find something interesting and of good quality.

So anyway, I found a lot of goodies today, and I even bought something. Just one thing though. I found so many items that could be used to decorate with, that I have seen other places for soo much more money. So I figured I could do a little high cost verses low cost thing.

Trunks as Coffee Tables: 

rebecca Trunk pottery barn


photo (9)

Image 1: Rebecca Trunk Coffee Table, Pottery Barn, $599

Image 2: Steamer Trunk with Leather Straps, $125. Totally could use this as your coffee table with hidden storage.

or this one below..

photo (61)

Large Steamer Trunk with leather straps, $90.

Nautical Blown Glass Wrapped: 



photo (12)

Image 1:Organic Blown Glass Pendant, West Elm, $169

Image 2: Glass Marine Float, Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, $80

Ballerina Artwork:



photo (35)

Image 1: Ballerina Painting, Edgar Degas, Uh, Millions$, Or if you bought a print it would still be $50-150 depending on the size you wanted.

Image 2: Ballet Print, Crazy Daisy Antique Mall,  “artist unknown” but awfully similar to Edgar Degas, $28.00

Dachshund Office Supplies:



photo (68)

Image 1: Dachshund Letter Holder, Anthropologie, $32 (I totally have been wanting this for a while now, I will probably buy it for “Mike’s Office”. Mostly for me though.

Image 2: Dachshund Figurine/Object, I think it’s a pencil holder. Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, Not as cool as the Anthropologie one and also too similar in price. $27.50.

Rustic Animal Bookends:



photo (41)

Image 1: Vintage Brass Deer Head Book Ends, Etsy, $75 for the pair

Image 2: “Mid Century” brass and chrome antelope bookends, Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, $89.99 for the pair. (You can easily find a pair of animal book ends for cheaper than this price)

Industrial Furniture:



photo (52)

Image 1:Aviator Wing Desk, Restoration Hardware, $2195.00, Chair starts at $995

Image 2: Airplane wind industrial desk and chairs, Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, The desk did not have a price but one chair was $55.

Interior Paintings:



photo (54)

Image 1: Henri Matisse, Painting, $millions

Image 2: Oil Painting, artist unknown, Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, $60

Driftwood Mirrors:

CB293034cdvs . photo (51)

Image 1: Driftwood Nautical Mirror, Cypress Home Decor, $170

Image 2: Driftwood Mirror, Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, $75

anndddd here are a bunch of other things I found today. Yeah, I know this post is annoyingly long.

Nautical Stuff:

please someone go buy these things for a nautical theme boys nursery.

photo (67)

Sailboat, $49.95

photo (58)

Authentic Ships Wheel with Rotating Mounting Plate, $249.

photo (3)

“Tookies Landing” Fish Sign, $55

photo (4)

Another Ship Wheel, $125.

Random Other Stuff:

photo (56)

Big Green Vase Jar thing, could set this buy the fire place or something, $68

photo (53)

Large Mirror, I have been looking all over for mirrors for my master bedroom but not ready to commit to one. $75. I hope I am ready to commit to something soon because we have no long mirrors in the house.

photo (48)

Pair of white molded plastic chairs with wood Eifel base, $199

photo (45)

“Herman” Classic Mid Century Table, $249.95

photo (44)

All Wood Pegged Butcher Block Kitchen Cart, $139

photo (43)

Yellow table, for laughing outside on your patio while you drink tea, $125

photo (39)

Oil Painting, $142

photo (40)

Pair of chairs, would need to be re-upholstered to look better, $650 for the pair.

photo (27)

Rattan Bar + 2 stools, $375. Buy this for the Luau I wrote about earlier. Then invite me.

photo (29)

Oh look, inserts for a pinneapple serving dish. Like a dollar fifty each.

photo (28)

Cute Art Deco black bar cart, $110

photo (24)

Stickley Cedar Chest, $250

photo (21)

Neoclasssical Mirror, $95. If this were just a little taller, and wider..

photo (11)

A wrack of fur coats. Buy these then re-sell them on ebay for more money. I’m sure you could, but that’s me taking an un-educated guess. Only $35 each.

photo (10)

Cast Iron Skillets. My mother in law just yesterday gave us one, so no thank you. $35.

photo (69)

Venetian Carved Architectural Plate, $89. Maybe over a toilet, or a smaller place.

Alright so I did buy one thing today, but I was torn between two. I found this ornate moroccan-ish mirror (and like I said earlier I have been wanting one for the master bedroom to lean against the wall).  I also found this lovely fish lamp that I knew would look awesome in Ari’s nursery. I reallllly wanted both, but I only had fifty dollars left on my visa gift card from Christmas. One of these will have to wait.

photo (8)

Oak ornate Mirror, $55.

photo (66)

Fish Lamp, glass and brass, $49.95

I went with the lamp, and I am so excited about it. I figured that I could find a mirror many other times, but could never find this awesome fish lamp again. Love love it. Now I just need a lamp shade for it. Also, I definitely ended up taking a nap today.


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