Thrifting With Lauren / no.6

photo (8)

Gold Cast Iron Cat, $75

photo (10) photo (12)

Golden Retriever Bookends, $24.50. I may really go get these.

photo (7)

Interesting Basket thing, to hold blankets, or magazines, or whatever I want. $10. I did buy this today.

photo (11) photo (13)

Green Hanging Shelf, I soo wanted this. $225

photo (5)

Crafted Bulliten Board with burlap, I wanted this also. I even almost bought it.  It was $85 and I asked if they could go lower so they said only 10% lower. Soo, now $76. Still too much for something I’m not convinced I can make myself, but still really love it.

photo (1) photo (3)

Two Matching gold frames with Matt board, the prints are whatever, but I would pay this much for the frames themselves and put a better picture inside. $22 each.

photo photo (4)

I don’t even know..

photo (7) photo (3)

Driftwood, to sit on a book shelf, or wherever. $39

photo (2) photo (2)

I was going to buy these, until I read the price. It’s so hard to find matching lamps though, but for $89 each, I could actually go to a real store and buy something else.

photo (6) photo (4)

Oh whats this? Hidden behind hippie bead things? Brass sailboats, for..I don’t know maybe Ari’s room. Keeping these in mind. $29


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