Thrifting With Lauren / no.7

Yayyayayay my sister, Allison, is home for the weekend. I have always made/forced her go to peddlers malls with me, but usually have to bribe her and she would give me a very specific time limit of how long I could be there. But, things have changed! Allison is getting a house with her friends in August and now she actually needs stuff at the peddlers mall. Yessss.


Heavy Gold Sun Vase, $5. Allison bought this and I know some happy little cactus or succulent will love living in it. I wish I had found it first actually:

photo (7)


Bread Bowl, $23.44, although I loved the dipped in paint look,  I could totally buy something else at target for less:

photo (10)




Martha Washington Sewing Thing, $225, no idea what I would use this for, but it looked so cute just sitting there:

photo (9)



A fancy port-a-crate, $45

photo (8)



Old lady looking artwork, framed professionally, $29 each. I want these, I really do:

photo (6)

photo (5)

photo (12)



I came upon this wicker chair and soo wanted to get it. Where would I put it? Inside? Outside? why doesn’t it have it’s friend with it? How can I just have one? Ahh. Wicker chair and cushion, $74.99. Like look how good my life is when I sit in it. Maybe next time, probably not though 😦

photo (4)

photo (3)



Ummm, whats this overpriced nasty antique footstool?? It’s gross and it’s $150. like who has $150 for a nasty footstool?

photo (14)



So, I kind of hate when a piece of artwork is labeled with what it is. Like a painting of a pear that says “pear”, as if we didn’t know. Anyway, for $3 each you could just paint over that:

photo (11)



Steelers Pajama Pants, $6.95, for a preppy golfer type who loves the steelers but also loves sleep. and wears a large:

photo (15)


photo (21)



Leather Chair for a guy who sits in a dim office and smokes cigars, $259:


photo (25)



The dollar wrack?


photo (26)



OK well here is this rug. If it were just a little larger I seriously would have bought it for Ari’s room. It was a blue and gold wool rug for $49.99. It had a couple of bleed spots and was only 3 x 5 feet or something. It’s really too bad.


photo (17)


photo (18)



But don’t worry, we found a whole booth of rugs! Hanging rugs, piles of rugs! Lot’s to dig through.


photo (29)


And then, I found this wonderful rug. Hand Woven oriental Dhurrie Rug from India, 6 x 9 feet, $147. Oh my gosh I have to get this for Ari’s room. Next friday, when I get paid I am riding right back up here and buying it. Unless it’s gone, oh no I really  can’t even think about that! Seriously, wool rugs are super durable, pets are not interesting in tearing them up (unlike those cheap ones from target-sorry im a snob), and for this large size, even buying one at target or any other store like west elm or wherever would cost just as much if not $200 more!. Please don’t go buy this rug though.


photo (13)



Antique Dresser with awesome drawer handles, $299.99:


photo (16)



Fabric, heavy and durable and quality fabric for curtains or re-upholstery:


photo (30)



Lion Book Ends, $15 for the pair:


photo (32)



I have been thinking about getting a wooden decorative ladder for this empty area in our living room. To hang blankets on? I don’t really know yet. $69. I wouldn’t pay that:


photo (31)



So yeah, here is a stand up full length mirror, NOT FOR SALE? well I have been wanting a full length mirror for the bedroom, but okay peddlers mall why put this here if it’s not for sale? It serves no function to be in your booth!!! Annoying:





I have never seen the house that allison will be renting, but I can only imagine that this wicker black laquered makeup desk and chair would look super cute in her room. and for such a good price. $120.75:


photo (23)



A big girly chair, $95:


photo (27)



A painted rock, to look like a bunny? $14.97


photo (22)



A pink phone, I guess I forgot to check the price:


photo (19)




photo (1)



Candy Bags. Freshness guaranteed. $2.89:


photo (20)



Done shopping, finished the day with dinner at shogun. Such a good day.


photo (28)


One Comment on “Thrifting With Lauren / no.7

  1. I love this blog Lauren! Glad you and Allison had fun. I really need to hit up a Peddlers Mall soon. Some very interesting things there, for sure! I hope you get your rug!

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