Painting The Walls in Ari’s Nursery AND I’m a snob

For a few weeks now I have had a very specific color in my head for a dresser that I  want to paint for Ari’s nursery. I couldn’t find it, until of course, I finally found it. Here it is:


Emerald Isle, Benjamin Moore.

I know Benjamin Moore is so expensive, but seriously I had to have this color. Like this exact color. Because I’m a color paint snob.

So the thing about Benjamin Moore (besides that it is superior to all other paint brands), is that they don’t sell it at Home Depot and what not. You have to go to a specialty store. I went to Hikes Point Paint and Wallpaper. I had never been there before, and Mike will probably never let me go back. But, for the short time I was there it was wonderful.

The other thing about me wanting this particular paint color, is that it’s not just for the dresser. It’s for his whole room. See, I want it to look something like this fancy sketch here:

photo (70)

Basically, I want the bottom two feet of the whole room to match the dresser.  So, bottom two feet is Emerald Isle. All the wall space above the two feet of Emerald paint (except for one wall) will be a navy color. Then, one wall will have a white-ish color above the emerald color with a graphic whimsical cloud mural painted on it. The cloud outlines will be painted using the exact same navy color as the other walls.

Here is the navy-ish paint color I picked out for the walls:


Van Duesen Blue, Benjamin Moore

and the color for the one white wall:


White Dove, Benjamin Moore

And lastly, here is the wall paper that is “inspiring” my wall mural. Inspiring is not really the right word though, because I am strait up copying it as close as I can. The only difference is that I will be painting super dark clouds on a light background, and this wallpaper is light clouds on a light background. It’s not really stealing though, is it? I don’t care actually.


It’s called “Daydream” by Hygge & West, and its $125 a roll. Uh no. too much money. I mean it’s worth it if your really rich, but I just don’t want to pay for that.  Which doesn’t make sense that I am saying that now, since I just bought the most fanciest paint ever.

I was so excited to paint, so I started as soon as I got home!

photo (72)

llllllllooooooooooooooveeeee. yessss.

Measuring Two Feet up, all around the room: 

photo (78)

Tape off the area: 

photo (79)

Paint the edges first: 

photo (80)

First Coat of Emerald Isle: 

photo (71)

Second Coat: 

photo (81)

and I didn’t take a “third coat” picture but it did end up needing three coats in some areas.

Painting the upper area:

I don’t have any progress pics, because my awesome mom painted it all for me. All of it, I pretty much laid there on the floor and complained and laughed while she painted. Here is a pic of the finished navy area:

photo (5)photo (4)

Painting the mural base coat:

The original color was a light baby blue color, but I needed to make it white.

photo (9)

Cloud thing mural:

The more i studied the wallpaper, the more I was like these are more than just clouds, they are like balls of yarn, or thumbprints. What it really reminds me of is “The Odyssey”. I think every time I read it, or it was discussed in class, I always imagined the sea looking all mythological and hand drawn like these clouds.

After not even being done with the first one, I realized that I had taken on a lot. Each one took about 30-45 minutes. But I couldn’t turn back. It took weeks for me to finish, I kept getting bored then leaving the room.

photo (7)

photo (6)

photo (3)

Adding the birds:

I zoomed in on one of the birds in the actual wallpaper on my computer, then traced it. Then, transferred it to heavier paper and cut the bird out. The birds actually went quickly since I had the stencil to trace.

photo (2)

The old homeowners left a bunch of paint in the garage, and one of the colors happened to be perfect for the gold birds. I don’t have an exact paint color name, but here is the color:

photo (11)

kinda gross looking in the pic:

photo (10)

making progress:

photo (1)

Adding details to the birds:

So they started out tanish-gold like this:

photo (6)

Then I outlined them in brown and added whispy wing lines and an eye:

photo (9)

Much better already. Now adding sea foam green to some areas to make them look more gold. Because gold is green. And also added light green to tie in other lighter greens I want to use in the room:

photo (2)

And finally, a metallic gold paint lightly over other areas:

photo (10)

Painting the ceiling border:

Taping off a one inch border. This took forever and was annoying and boring and I wanted to give up. Basically I started doing it, then gave up and again my awesome mom helped me finish it. She taped the first layer, I taped the second, then she painted the whole border with two coats. Which is a really hard thing to do when you are constantly moving a ladder every few feet.

photo (7)

Painting the border tanish-gold. To tie into the bird color and other browns and golds I will be using in the room:

photo (1)

And finally, taking the tape off and seeing the finished border:



Finally Finished: 

So relieved. I know it’s really dark in the room and not very “baby nursery” because of the navy paint, but I really don’t care. Plus, I plan on adding a lot more lighter shades of green and gold, and art on the walls so that will lighten it up forsure.

photo (4)

photo (3)

photo (5)

photo (2)

photo (1)

photo (6)



Abby is so excited that she is finally allowed in the room now.  Excuse how sloppy I look.

photo (7)

6 Comments on “Painting The Walls in Ari’s Nursery AND I’m a snob

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  2. I stumbled upon this while desperately looking for other people who didn’t want to pay $125 a roll for the most amazing wallpaper ever.🙂 You’ve given me some inspiration, though I’m looking at doing this on the ceiling. Don’t know if I can make it work. You did an amazing job!

    • Christine, Thank you so much! If you DIY the wallpaper, or buy the roll, please send me pics! The ceiling is such a cool idea, I would love to see! It was super time consuming, but, I was pregnant, and lazy, so it might not take that long for you now lol.

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