Dresser Re-Do

My dresser that used to be in my childhood bedroom will be going in Ari’s room to function as his changing table and dresser area. Such a sweet story. Anyway, it needed to be completely re-finished and I so wish I had the pictures to show the “before”. This dresser had tons of sticky layers of cream colored paint on it and removing paint is extremely toxic, which is why my mom did it for me. If your not pregnant though, it’s actually really fun to do because basically you pour this chemical gooey stuff on the wood, and then wait 30 mins, then go back and peel it off. Everyone loves picking and peeling stuff off of stuff. This is what it looked like after all the paint was removed:

photo (5)

photo (4)

Adding one layer of Stain Killz:

photo (11)

photo (8)

photo (3)

Yeah, I’m using the exact same paint color as I used for the lower border of the nursery walls. Emerald Isle by Benjamin Moore. Which kind of scares me because it could look so bad having an emerald dresser sitting against an emerald wall. But, I kind of don’t care and Ari does not care at all, so I thought it would be fun to try it out. Like an experiment..


Some Pinterest inspiration for green dressers:




and my favorite photo inspiration:


Now back to mine:

First coat of Emerald Isle:

photo (13)

photo (12)

No pictures of the second coat.

and then here is the dresser after a third coat of paint:

photo (27)

photo (28)

photo (29)

Painting The Edges:

To give some sort of contrast between the emerald dresser and emerald wall, I thought that the edges of the dresser should be a different color than the dresser itself. I chose gold to tie in the gold birds from the wall mural, and other gold accents in the room. I used this awesome product called Gold Leaf Rub’n Buff. It’s such a small tube for less than $5 at Michael’s Craft Store. A small tube goes such a long way. I still have over half left over.

photo (5)

I used an old sock to apply the gold leaf to the edges.

photo (6)

photo (7)

photo (9)

photo (4)

photo (1)


photo (2)

Coat of Polyurethane:

I used satin, so that the dresser and paint would be protected without being overly glossy gloss.



Drawer Pulls: 

I bought these Burnished Brozed Drawer Pulls two years ago, and originally used them on a cheap Ikea night stand. But the nightstand broke, and I had these beautiful drawer pulls just sitting around. The dresser couldn’t be a more perfect place to use them.They totally tie in the gold edging  on the dresser and elsewhere in the room. Also, emerald and gold are perfect best friends. Lastly, they have an old world feel to them. Perfect.

photo (5)


All finished!!

photo (4)


photo (3)


and on a slightly unrelated, yet totally related note, I went to Sephora today and got a free emerald liquid eyeliner. Because it’s the color of the year and they are all about that.

photo (2)

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