Nightstand Styling

My fave blog to read every single day is a decorating and styling blog written by Emily Henderson ( I don’t actually know Emily, but I feel like I do. She was the Season Five winner of HGTV’s Design Star (like five years ago), and I have stood by her since the beginning. Although she has no idea.  I feel like we would be super compatible. Not best friends because I have those already, but close friends who eat macaroons at downtown local mom and pop shops, and discuss all the brass things we found at the peddlers mall. Then we would separate and hang out a few weeks later. Those kind of friends. If you are into reading other peoples blogs everyday during those 20-30 minutes you are so bored at work, her’s is definitely one I would check out.


She is hosting a contest and i’m super into contests. This is a Nightstand Styling Contest.


Here is why I want to enter: 

1. Because I love decorating little spaces for fun. so fun

2. Because I REALLY want to win a pair of nightstands to use in the master bedroom. It would save a lot of money and plus these ones are ones I could never afford anyway.

3. For images for my portfolio (since you know, I’m trying to head in the direction of offering decorating/design services and no one will hire someone without a portfolio, or at least a few examples of their work).

4. I love winning, I don’t like participating in things I just like to win.

Here are the images:

Thanks to my teacher friend, Tarah Matthews for taking these photos for me. Thank you thank you!



Trying out different pillows:


And a close up:



  • Black round nightstand/table: Middletown Peddlers Mall
  • Gray, Gold and White plaid rug: Target
  • Books: online, gifts and peddlers malls
  • Tree jewelry stand: Urban Outfitters
  • Brass fish lamp: Crazy Daisy Antique Mall
  • Lamp shade:
  • Black and Gold Voluspa Candle: “Crisp Champagne” from Francesca’s
  • Small Gold and Cream candle: “Vanilla” from World Market
  • Black and White bowl: World Market
  • White Lattice Cottage Wall Mirror: Target
  • Cream Bed Blanket: Target
  • Large White Pillows With Black Piping: Target
  • Creame Pillow With Morrocan Pattern and Light Purple Trim: Dandelion Boutique, but they also have them elsewhere. Just google “thomas paul animal pillow”. Mine has a camel on the back and I love him.
  • Gold and Cream stripe Pillow: Nate Burkas for Target, however, I bought mine for cheaper on Ebay.
  • Cool gray wall paint: mixed at home (originally I used it for the master bathroom)
  • Gold Metallic Polka Dots: Martha Stewart Metallic Paint ” Vintage Gold”

Extra Pics:


photo (1)

photo (5)

photo (4)

photo (2)

photo (3)

Vote for me :

To vote for my design, click here. Mine is titled, “Brass Fish Lamp and Polka Dots”. I really would love to win (who wouldn’t though?) and if you vote for me I promise that I won’t enter Ari into cute baby contests and beg for your votes on facebook. I promise I promise. Or i’ll try to promise that. Plus, if I win, you can come hang out with my nightstands any time you want!. Your votes really do matter, it’s kind of like a popularity contest, except I’d like to think that my design is actually worth voting for.

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