Themed Thursdays: Ocean Life

I’m starting a thing on my blog for all my readers (basically no one, except like the 12 people who are subscribed), but anyway it’s called “Themed Thursdays”. So every Thursday I’m posting really cool items/sources all within a cohesive theme. I know today is Saturday, not Thursday. But please forgive me, I promise I started typing it on Thursday!


By the way everyone, this is a really old picture as you can probably tell. Like 6 years ago. super motivating though

and even older:


but anyway..

Fun fact about me, I love the ocean. I don’t just mean  the beach and laying out, although I do love that. But, love the ocean as in I sometimes cry when I Google pictures of those weird fish with large teeth that live so deep in the ocean that there is no light, or when I see a whale that has algae growing on it, or when I stand in front of the ocean and see that it actually goes on forever and ever. Except eventually it stops but not for a really long time. I even used to keep a diary when I was in elementary school with all the research I had done about different ocean creatures. so interesting. That’s why I’m starting out “Themed Thursday’s” with an Ocean Life theme.

Ocean Life: Creatures in unexpected sophisticated ways, cool natural calming colors, organic shapes and lines in the details

ocean life final

1.”Octopus Garden Shower Curtain”, Anthropologie, $148. um yes I want this. and I want to decorate a bathroom completely around this shower curtain, with like really luxurious black and white floor tile in a scallop pattern.

2.  “The Rise and Fall Whale Pillow“, Urban Outfitters, $24

3. “Five Whales Stacked”, by UnitedThread on Etsy, $20 for a print.

4. “Cutting Board Fish” by Syko on Etsy, $26.73

5.“Faux Fan Coral“, Pottery Barn, $22.99

6. “Coral Table Lamp- set of Two“, Joss and Main, “189.95

7. “From The Deep Salad Plate”, Anthropologie, $14

8. “Urchin Installation” by Patricia Brown

And again, so sorry that my very first “Themed Thursday” was posted on Saturday. like how irresponsible of me.


2 Comments on “Themed Thursdays: Ocean Life

  1. omg this blog post was so good and cute lorn!!!

    your supportive sister allay!!

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