Thrifting With Lauren / no.8

I haven’t been to the Peddlers Mall in weeks!! Finally I got a chance to go today, just me and my little guy. We went to the Middle Town Peddlers Mall, the one I always say is the best. Because it is. Which by the way when you bring a baby to the peddlers mall you have to put their carrier in a cart (unless you are super strong or crazy and want to carry it around with you). But anyway, with all those cramped little booths I had to leave the cart (with Ari) in the aisle.  My eyes were constantly watching him even though he was literally like two feet away. But still, People kept looking at me as if I didn’t know my own baby was left in the aisle. Move along people!

I found lots of furniture though, and bought none of it!

An ugly Cedar Chest for $98.99. But, with a little love, new fabric, bright paint, and new hardware,  this could be super awesome for a bench at the end of the bed. I really want to buy it, why do I always want to buy things but don’t? ugh I should have!


I may have posted this before, but maybe not. I definitely have seen this here before. It’s the Old Man Winter Wooden Chair for $165. Definitely a conversation piece, or for a child a scary piece of furniture that they never want to go near.


Uh yes, I want these tacky green summer chairs so I can sit on my new deck (that is almost finished!), and drink sweet tea and imagine that I’m in Florida. These totally look like they should be at a a condo in Florida.  Both tacky chairs AND the cushions AND that glass table, only $89.99. And actually, without that weird green color that looks like it needs pink flamingo cushions sitting in it, it wouldn’t be that tacky. So for three cans of spray paint you could have a cute little table set for like less than $110.



This piece below is really interesting. I would really like it much better if those two drawers weren’t awkwardly attached to the dresser. I almost think it would look really cool with the recessed areas painted white. Or the whole thing painted white. Or none, omg I don’t even know anymore.


I just don’t understand why Mike wouldn’t let me get these chairs. I texted him right away with this picture and price, and he was basically like, “no they are ugly”. whatever. I mean I know they are kind of dated, but for $65 for the whole set of 8 its a steal! These chairs are more durable than anything you could buy right now at target. Plus, you could totally just spray paint them, and then have 8 friends over for a bonfire.


This couch was awesome, not only because it had navy and white stripes, but also because it was in really great condition. Only $129. I really do want this couch but have no where to put it. Please someone go buy it so I can come visit it. I wish my sister and her friends would buy it for their new house. I bet they don’t though! I’ll come visit anyway.



Ahh, this type of thing drives me crazy! Unless you do this smashed up plates thing on something that does not need to be a flat surface, then it doesn’t work! Tell me why someone would think it would be okay to have a rough edgy and even dangerous crafty thing on top of a table. Save this for back splash, or I don’t know, even the outside of your fire place. But not here. If you are into having things you want to sit on a flat table actually be wobbly, then you should go get it and also forget that I offended you. I don’t know the price because it’s so annoying to me that I don’t care.


I thought this could be a cool piece to live outside, you know, to set all your burgers and condiments.


Uh yeah..


Behind that weird naked boy is this cool island inspired bamboo chair, not sure what you would use it for thought. $18


This was my favorite furniture find today. Like a western movie. I hate western movies, but still. I really want this bench/love seat. I want it more than the other things in this post that I said I wanted. This time I really mean it. I imagine this piece in a bright white hallway with tall ceilings and large charcoal drawings framed with slim lined frames and tons of matte board. It would add such an eclectic traveled touch to the space. I don’t even have that type of hallway so I don’t even know why I still want it. I’m living in some fantasy world I guess. $255.


While these Carved Elephant Tusks aren’t for me, I think they could be for someone. $70 each.



Hollywood Regency-ish furniture. I always love black and gold. $55


and something similar with just a little more oriental flare $39.99



I wish I could think of a way to close this post, but I really can’t right now.


4 Comments on “Thrifting With Lauren / no.8

  1. I love your outside chairs. I dont think they are ugly at all and yes you could spray paint them and they would look great !!! Love mom

  2. Wish I lived nearby. I love your finds. I would go crazy there.

  3. I like the chairs too! And that patio set is an awesome price, it would look so great with just a different color and different cushions.

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