Themed Thursdays: Birthday

You know, because this week was Mike’s birthday.

mike and lauren foreal

He doesn’t always dress this trashy, we just had a birthday party/fourth of July party for him. so yeah.

This weeks theme is “Birthday”. Bright colors, balloons, festive patterns, happy, frills, confetti.

use this one

1. Confetti Rug, WovenGround, $99-619

2. Tag Cups, Generate (unique, modern, global design), $29. These are super cute, although I don’t really know if I would pay $29 dollars for something no one would see. Because I’m pretty sure these are for just baking. Maybe if you were having a dinner party and wanted to serve souffle’s and served them in these cute dishes that you baked them in, then they would be worth getting.

3. Balloons Textiles, By Leah Bartholomew. Would be so cute in a girls room framed as artwork.

4. Trussed Pot, Anthropologie. of course I will take ten of these.

5. Set of Four Mini Happy Spoons,, $15.

6. Balloon Lamp, By Kyouei Design, $2940 JPY, I have no idea what the conversion is.

7. Monsieur Set of Four prints, By Blancucha on Etsy, $75. Also a very cute inexpensive piece of art for a kids room. I like that black is used, it makes it a little edgy and trendy which is awesome because no one wants super baby-ish artwork in a kids room. Unless you do.

8. Numberic Pillow, Home Decorators, $44.

9. Confetti Stemless Wine Glasses set of four, by Twinkkets on Etsy, $40.


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