Themed Thursdays: The Figure

This weeks theme is “The figure”. Objects for home with figurative details, body parts, and subtle nods to the body and people in general. Or sometimes not subtle at all.

the figure image

1. Oil Painting by Josh Bronaugh. Josh is one of the very few people that continue to pursue painting even after graduating college. I’m not sure of the exact percentage, but I did read somewhere that a very low percentage of people stop making art after college (me being one of them, I pretty much just do arts and crafts and decorate, but I don’t actually make cohesive paintings or anything.) ugh such a statistic. But anyway, I love his paintings, and especially the one in the grouping above. I also love this painting here, which happens to be of me but I swear that’s not why I love it.

2. Bathing Girl Tea Set,  Dutch By Design (this set was designed by Esther Horchner), $ £39.95.

3. Goldtop Porcelin Milk Bottle, Shan Annabelle Vall (London), $35. Doesn’t this remind you of a curvy family getting their photo taken? Except they all are in the form of milk bottles.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Muse Brass Place Card Holder (lips and mustache), Jonathan Adler, $98

5. Cameo Wall Hanging, Horchow, $80 each

6.Muse Candle, Jonathan Adler for, $62.40

7. Dolly Face Egg Cup, Birdie and Wood, $7.25 UK. This is super cute, however, I would not use an egg cup in my kitchen, or anywhere in my life. An egg cup is used to serve a boiled egg, and many people actually collect egg cups. If I were an egg cup collector, or a rich person who would want to serve one egg to each of my guests, then this would be something I would be interested in. But Im’ not, so no. It would be cute as a tea cup though.

8. The Rise And Fall Palmistry Pillow, Urban Outfitters, $34.

9. Spots and Scribbles Tea Towel, Leif, $16.



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