Thrifting With Lauren / no.8

It’s raining, and I don’t have any clean clothes, so although I really wanted to go to a thrift store or peddlers mall this week, I decided to just peddle around on craigslist. Plus, I’m going to be working on the master bedroom soon so I have been spending a ton of time on craigslist anyway searching for things. All of the listings below are recent listings and most are within the Louisville area, and all within a quick drive.

West Elm Bistro Table,  $175,

Super cute. I always prefer a round table over a rectangle or square table because everyone is equal at round tables. There is no head of the table, and everyone can equally see the people they are eating with. This table is really light in color so it would fit perfectly in a small kitchen, the light color would really make it look like it’s not taking up as much space as it really is.





Mid Century Cedar Chest, $180,

Mid century is like all the rage these days. I personally am not that obsessed with it, but I can understand why people are. Just look at the the simplicity of the design, and the lack of oriental details and frills. This piece would fit perfectly in a guys house.




Unique Foot Stool,$80,

I may not be obsessed with mid century furniture, but I am obsessed with x-frame benches. They are always so expensive though.  I believe x-benches like to sit next to an identical x-bench. So, when I see one at a reasonable price, I always get kind of disappointed if it doesn’t come with a mate.





Hall Bench With Storage, $100,

Benches in entry ways are all over Pinterest right now, I see it every single day. So for $100 I think this is a pretty good deal. It’s sort of a clean slate for your foyer. You could really decorate the bench any way you want. You could put cute little wicker boxes underneath, a coat rack, hooks for purses and coats, a bulletin board for family notes, and so on and so on.





Pottery Barn Rattan Tables, $ 60 each,

I want these so bad, I love the bamboo rattan look, just not in brownish natural color. I prefer it white or black and painted with super high gloss to give it a wet lacquered look. Someone should buy these.




Unique Wooden Chair, $500 ,

Not for me, but maybe for someone.




FarmHouse Table, $560,

One of the many pet peeves I have on craigslist is when people post things that are un-true. For example, I searched “Anthropologie Furniture” and this listing came up. I had to read further that it’s not actually from Anthropologie, it just is in a similar style. Well if I wanted to search for “furniture that looks like it could maybe be from Anthropologie but actually isn’t”, then I would have. However, I do like the table and think it’s very reasonable priced.




Z gallerie jett Desk $400

How awesome does this look? I feel like if I worked from home I would like to work on this desk. I would change the knobs to something else but other than that I love it.




Curtain Panels $70




Antique Love Seat $75

$75 is a really good price for such a pretty piece of furniture. The color is kind of blah but with cute pillows it could be the cutest little seating area ever.




Pink Wingback Chair $65

This chair makes me want to sit in it and put on cute makeup, do my hair, and go out on a fancy date.




Crate and Barrel Leaning Shelf, $75,

UGHH, so this is one item that I was searching for to put in my master bedroom. Except for I want two of these shelves to put side by side, not one.






Dresser $45

Almost got this, I hate the knobs they look so “i love the country and barns and rustic”, I would definitely need to change them. But, the $45 price made me feel like something was wrong with the dresser. It’s probably fine. I may still contact them.




French Provincial Dresser $75

I kind of love it and hate it. New knobs because it looks too shabby chic and I hate that look because I think it’s an excuse to have a bunch of crap painted white in your house and painting mistakes are welcome because hey, it’s just “shabby chic”. no. In the right place this could be beautiful, like a girls nursery, or some room that is not full of this type of furniture.




Ikea yellow night stands, $50,




Stylish upcycled dresser, $255,

I love the color, but hate the white drawer pulls. The white cheapens in. I’m so stuck up.




“Stunning Dresser” 250




“White Abstract Foot Stool” $15

Um no.




Mid Century Coffee Table $150

I know this was listed as “coffee table” but I think it would be awesome as a media console table.





One Comment on “Thrifting With Lauren / no.8

  1. Lauren you have made me laugh tonight I love your writing and ideas Love Mom

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