Themed Thursdays: I heart Kentucky

I used to think living in Kentucky was super lame. But then I went to Murray State for college and realized how awesome it is. Basically this song sums up how I feel about Kentucky and my memories from college and pretty much everyone who doesn’t live here should be jealous that they don’t. You should obviously travel around though and see the world, I’m just saying it’s a nice place to live.

This weeks theme is I heart Kentucky. Horses, rustic, wrought iron, barn wood, blue grass, and gardens.


1. Equestrian Hardware, Pottery Barn,  $24

2. Large Horse, Jonathan Adler, $425. This is for you KDawg. A friend for your white horse.

3. Woodland Plaid wall Coverings 20 inches, Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is so fancy that they don’t even have prices listed on their website. Totally a Chanel move.

4. Bourbon Barrel Stool, Jason Cohen, $230

5. French Laundry Home Standing Horse Pillow, on Horchow, $150. No I won’t pay 150!! but it’s an awesome pillow, but silhouettes are so easy you could just use fabric paint and make it yourself.

6. Horse Shoe and Spur Coat Rack, Wayfair, $25. Yes. But only if every other item in my house did not look like this.

7. I heart Kentucky Art Print, By Hunter and Smile on Etsy, $25

8. Herb Spoons, by DaisyChestnut on Etsy, $50. I love these, would be so cute for the herb garden that I don’t have.

9. Bass Art Print by FredFisher on Etsy, $65. Maybe a grouping of four different fish above an entry way table. Maybe even the entry way table has the hardware from #1. Endless possibilities!

Kentucky Anthem By Craig Russel Band

Here in Kentucky I’m doin’ fine
The best kind of women and corncob moonshine
Not sayin yall yankees aint got it good
Wouldn’t leave the bluegrass if I could
Cause I’ve got Kentucky

Don’t get me wrong
We’ve got responsibilities
Tedin’ to my THC in the backyard
As far as the eye can see
Though I wished I could have been here back in the day
With a horse to drive just bein’ alive on the trail with Jessie James

Here in Kentucky I’m doin fine
Reputations inbred but I don’t mind
Paradise on earth with no shoes to wear
Might not see tomorrow but I really don’t care
Cause I’ve got Kentucky, yeah


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