I went to Homearama last year on a Saturday and it was stupid hot and crowded, this year I went on a Tuesday and let me tell you that it was so much better. Not only was it less crowded, it was also in the evening and I felt like I could relax and breath and enjoy the houses. I do hate however that the concessions don’t take debit cards because I really would have loved an ice cold sprite, but really, it’s fine. Anyway, I went with my sister Allison, it was part of sister day before she headed back to college.

I didn’t look at all the houses, and the ones I did look at, I went in looking at the décor and some minor designs, but overall, I did not look at how the house was built or any of the cool amenities. I pretty much just wanted to see interior design. I took some pictures of my favorite little design moments in each house, and some of my not so faves.

House #1:



This is one of my biggest not so fave moments. This driveway drives me crazy. I see what they were trying to accomplish with it’s aged rustic look, but it seriously looks like dinosaur skin.


I think framing fabrics is such a good idea for filling up a blank wall. Fabrics are pretty inexpensive compared to art, and if you chose the right one, with large pattern and a focal point (or enough interest to keep the viewer interested), then it’s perfect. I’m not sure if this is IKAT fabric, or a watercolor rendering of fabric, but either way I really love it. I also think it’s important to have two and not just one.


These jugs are a fun twist on mason jars, and I’m really getting bored of mason jars. You can paint them, tie stuff around them, paint the inside to change the color, and even make lights out of them. We get it.  I am not downing anyone who has mason jars, I have some too and even used them in my wedding, but all I’m saying is that If I saw mason jars at Homearama I would have been very disappointed. This grouping of three jugs brings the same personality as mason jars with its rustic farm life simple feel, but done in a more finished way. Totally hate the art in the background though.


and of course I love anything with an animal face on my kitchenware. I really do.


House #2:



This was the first thing I saw when I entered the house, and I loved that they chose wallpaper because it gave the house that much more impact. I have been looking at so much wallpaper lately because I am wanting to use it in my small bathroom, but it takes me forever to decide on the perfect one.


no I hate generic trees, it seems like an afterthought to me. Not trees, but this particular tree just bothers me. It reminds me of a hotel.


again, generic bedding. I could walk into any place like JCpenny or Dillards and this is exactly what I would find. Nothing is wrong with those places, but when I go to Homearama I want to see something I don’t usually see.


House # 3


I went to this house first actually, because a girl I went to high school with (we actually had art class together one year I believe) was one of the interior designers for this house. Her name is Lauren Harp and her business is Lady of The House Interiors. http://ladyofthehouseinteriors.blogspot.com/ . I get so excited when people from high school pursue their dreams. Like she totally started her own interior design business and that’s a risk in itself that obviously paid off because here she is decorating for Homearama. Thousands of people are now going to see her name and hopefully that brings her a ton of business. so good.

I want this chair, with it’s branch like bones and the luxurious yet playful fabric.


SO, I was totally planning on painting a huge butterfly for my master bedroom. Then, I walk in and see this. and I’m like “omg they copied my idea”. and Allison is like “no they didn’t” and I’m like “yeah girl I know”. But, I decided maybe I should go a different route for the master bedroom now. I loved this room though. Butterflies done in a scientific, factual and even masculine presentation opposed to Lisa Frank looking. But at the same time it’s still a butterfly, so it automatically brings whimsy and wonder to the room.


Gold simple frames with tons of white space from the matte board are the best.


Some lady came up to me and my sister as we were admiring this huge driftwood circular mirror, and she’s like, “you guys cool totally make that yourselves just go to homedepot.com and it gives you directions.” I just may do that, thank you for the advice.


How cool and different is this?





House #4:



Right next to the front door is this wonderful fountain, I think on my house it would look weird, but maybe a house an old Victorian house on Bardstown road could pull it off.


I saw this horse in most of the houses, but only in this house was he wearing ray-bans!


Here is an awesome idea that I saw on Pinterest once, but now in person. It is to hang the shower rod up towards the ceiling so that the shower curtain is elongated. Just like you would do with curtains. The only problem with this would be that your shower curtains would probably need to be custom made. I am not 100% sure, but I am pretty sure. Unless you didn’t want them to reach the floor.


And here is another great idea. The window in my master bedroom is just like this one, arched at the top. I am constantly trying to find inexpensive solutions for window treatments. Having two separate panels and rods framing the window is such a good idea. This is the type of stuff I like to see here. However, my only concern is that it is not practical. The sun comes in and wakes me up at six am, so without any way to close these curtains, I’m just not sure.




How wonderful is this horse pillow? It says “I love horses, but I don’t own a horse farm”


hate these bright random assorted orbs


I always say this, but I love gold bamboo furniture, in moderation of course. and I especially love it as a bar cart.


Here are two images that are great, both using the same fabrics, yet placed in different parts of the house. Talk about unifying the house.



Sister day at Homearama what!!!


House #5:



Little landscapes with nice frames I can’t get enough of.


THESE FLOORS!!! in the master bathroom of this house are amazing. Herringbone pattern. yes!


What a cute little family of white pears.


House #6:



This room was beautifully designed. I have rarely ever seen vintage swim suits framed. Maybe like one time in one place that I have no idea where, but it was basically a refreshing new idea. That brings to the question, what else can you frame to add interest to a room? Even if this was not a vintage swim suit, the shape alone is interesting enough to hold my attention.


more wallpaper, not for me, but definitely beautiful.


House #7:



These stupid round metallic shish kabobs were so frustrating!! Why would someone put something so modern and bright in a garden area where it should be soft and pretty? Do they even have a purpose?! So Zenon!!


These porthole mirrors made me want to go home and Google porthole mirrors. So I did. They key is to have them in groupings of three or five. Maybe a pair of two would look okay if they were on top of each other instead of next to. Either way, this is a great statement piece. It’s not artwork technically, but it also doesn’t look like a complete afterthought of “oh a blank wall, what should I randomly put here?”.


peacocks are so last year




I think this chair should be the head of the table in an Alice in Wonderland dinner party. It’s oversized and awesome. not for my house, but for someone else.


House #9:



ughh again, artwork as an afterthought. what are these random squares and why is there no personality here?


This I love, not this exact design, but the idea of hanging tapestries as art, or even hanging rugs as art.


annndd they are also selling white bejeweled jeans in the closet.


Lastly, this crazy fancy port-a-potty.


To summarize this blog post:

1. Don’t go to Homearama on a weekend, go on a weekday,

2. Chose art that reflects your personality or that is interesting for you and your guests to look at

3. Homearama should take debit cards at the concessions


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  1. Good thoughts. I didnt make it to Homearama this year, so it was nice to get a look at it on your blog.

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