Themed Thursday: Clouds and Snow

I’m up in the clouds right now, on the plane to ALASKA!! I have always wanted to go, and I seriously can’t wait to see the glaciers, whales, sea life, and just the sea itself. Purchasing Wi-Fi for the plane was $16, but seriously how bored would I be on this 8 hour flight without it. It’s sort of like paying for an activity, like golfing, or going to the movies. **note that after I typed all that, my Wi-Fi actually went out for the remainder of the plane ride. I was so bored, so tired and so bored. Don’t worry though, I got my money back. But not my boredom.


This weeks theme is Clouds and Snow: Fresh whites, organic shapes, Chilly appeal, and a slight rustic touch.

skies and snow

1. Mash Studios Buffet, DesignPublic, $3040.00

2. “Sammy Seagull“, by Wayne Pate for Serena and Lilly, $250. How cute would this be in a girls room with his pink hat and black and white stripes? Like if there was a focal wall that was painted a gold cream color with really thin black stripes. Or even small black polka dots scattered across the wall. And anyway, on maybe the opposite wall was a baby crib with pink and cream bedding, and above the crib was a gallery wall which include this cute little print of Sammy Seagull. Omg.

3.Styrofoam Cup Art Installation, Tara Donovan, Currently in Ace Gallery in New York. So, this entire art installation is made out of hot glue and styrofoam cups. She sculpts out of every day materials, sometimes it is cups, other times it may be paper or pencil shavings. You should seriously check her work out.

4. Golden Cloud Porcelain Pillow, by Stepanka on Etsy, $36 for a five inch cloud. I think you would need at least three of these little clouds, maybe all clustered around your desk area.

5. Otomi Wallpaper in White/Pewter, Designed by Emily Isabella for Hygge and West, $125 per Roll. I’m still obsessed with wall paper, and this still isn’t the one for me, but I think I’m getting close.

6. Shell and Wood Spoon, Leif, $11. 

7.Quote Dish, MBartstudios on Etsy, $26 “The big question is whether you are going to say a hearty yes to your big adventure”. A quote perfect for my trip to Alaska. It has been such a big adventure, and was hard to say “Yes” to coming because I had to leave Ari. But, he is in great hands and I know he would want me to do something I have always wanted to do.

8. White Moroccan Leather Floor Pouf, Serena and Lilly, $450

9.Veil Throw Blanket, Frette, $395. For $395 this blanket better be super soft. I actually have never heard of “Frette”, but as I was on the plane, I was reading Skyy Magazine. Inside, there was an article about where Heidi Klum likes to shop when she is on Rodeo Drive, and one of the shops was Frette, she said she likes to buy her comforters there. So of course I had to research it (before my wi-fi went out), and I was actually surprised to see how boring all of the products were. They are basically simple and plain bedding and bedding accessories that are supposedly very comfortable.

10.Nate Berkus Dipped Bowl, Target, $19.99. I always look at this bowl when I go to target, but never actually buy it, but if it ever goes on clearance on their website I just may! I bet it’s on ebay though. Nate Burkas is all the rage on ebay.

11.Soho Sofa, ZGallerie, $1199.00


Soo, hello from Alaska!



And, on a side note, If you want to follow my blog and receive an email every time I post something new, you totally can. Even if you aren’t signed up on WordPress, and even if you don’t have a blog. You just have to enter your email address on the side bar. And then if you decide that my posts are annoying you or crowding your email, you can always unsubscribe. I love my 16 followers, but of course I would love more. And also I’m at this really small weird coffee shop right now and I think this 12 year old girl is reading what I’m typing, but maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions. They have great hot chocolate though.



4 Comments on “Themed Thursday: Clouds and Snow

  1. You should be singing “the hills are alive, with the sound of music”!

  2. that’s what i’m singing!! we didn’t go to Denali, we just pulled over between Seward and Anchorage to go sight seeing!

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