Thrifting With Lauren / no.9 (IN ALASKA)

I did some antique and art shopping while in Alaska, and kept my eye out for some really cool things everywhere I went. Here is some awesome stuff I found, but of course didn’t buy.

Not all of these things are from the thrift store, and not all of these things are from the same place.

This wood block below was used to make prints, but how awesome is it that it is displayed as a huge piece of art. It is in a little shop called “Octopus Ink“. I love finding small local shops that sell creations and little oddities made by local people, opposed to a shop devoted to generic “souvenirs”. In my opinion, the best souvenirs would be a small piece of artwork, or something from nature as a token of your memories in a certain location. Or a sweatshirt. Okay tons of things would be a great souvenir, but artwork is something you can hang and look at every single day, and also serve as a conversation for your guests. See the small paintings below that large woodblock? Those are the types of things you want to keep your eye on. Small enough to carry back home with you, but special enough to serve as your souvenir.


And a close up of all the carving detail:


We went to a place called “Peter’s Sushi”. Random name, and also in a real sketchy strip mall, but it had great reviews and supposedly the best sushi in town. So we went, and the inside was soo much better than the exterior. The entrance was covered in these cool wood squares displayed at two different depths in a checkerboard pattern. It actually reminded me of an episode of “The Antonio Treatment” on HGTV where Antonio covered an entire bedroom wall in this same wood effect. google it. The reason I like this idea so much is because it is inexpensive and unique and adds tons of texture to a space. I would not use this in my house, but it makes you consider what else you could do to add interest to a wall or space. I would definitely do this however, if it was outside around my deck.


A beautiful landscape painting from an art gallery, I wish I could remember the name! :



Some cool trunk I saw in a store window:


We went to one store called “Pack Rat Antiques”, it had some cool things, but mostly clutter and chaos. Vintage clothes, old cups, everything was allowed in here to be sold it seemed.

Antlers, maybe if you hung these over your bed as a bedroom centerpiece?


I love rugs

1081179_10201752729838930_1563786077_n 1082705_10201752728838905_1147364547_n 

Another large landscape:


Alright, so the next few images are from a place called “Antiques Gallery”. This was the most fanciest and amazing antique store I have ever been to. I know I go to the peddlers mall all the time, and they have vintage items, but not really antiques. The difference between an “antique” and something that is “vintage” sort of differs depending on who you ask. In general, an antique is over 100 years old, and vintage can be anything from 10-15 years old. The first N’Sync CD can technically be considered vintage. Other factors include how many of the items were originally produced, the quality of the item, and the original purpose of the item. But these fossils below, those are forsure an antique lol, or older than that.


Not sure what this is, but we think it’s something you talk into. Maybe someone else knows?


Fossilized Fish in wood frame. This to me was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen (other than nature and whatnot). This was $650.


Ugh I want this rug



Like I said, I didn’t end up buying anything I found, except for a couple small things for my sister. I kind of want to keep the top two doodle drawings for my own bedroom, but I won’t.


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