Themed Thursday:

So my husband and his friend/business partner (uh sorry for how fancy and stuck up that sounds, I just don’t know how else to say it), have just launched their new online supplement shoppe, DBS (stands for Dahl Barry Supplements). I am so happy for them. I am not even trying to be subtle about promoting their business, you should totally go check it out.  Plus, I can’t wait to design their office. I think I say this all the time, but I really love when people are all about following their dreams and taking risks.

Completely unrelated to anything decorating/art/etc is my opinion on his website. I love how they have a “Monthly Club”, which is exactly like a wine of the month club, or chocolate of the month club. Just with supplements related to your interests. I also like how they have a pregnancy/post pregnancy bundle. Um probably because it was my idea. Does the word “Bundle” always remind you of Flo from those progressive commercials, or is it just me? Anyway, What I do not like is how on the “For women” section, there is a picture of some buff blonde girl with perfect hair. Like you do not even go to the gym looking like that, be foreal.

Theme: : Vitamins, fitness, well-being. Which by the way is super hard to translate into decorative interior objects


1. “Body Builder” Oil Painting, Painted by Kevin Wolf. 48 x 60 inches.

2. The “Workout Work Station”, Designed By Darryl Agawin. It’s a three piece work station that can transform into a workout set. If you click on the link you can see more pics. Kind of interesting really and I would never even consider buying it, but still interesting.

3. Capsule Pot, Designed By Joseph Kwon. The issue I have with this design is that it is so futuristic that it takes away from the beautiful organic nature of the plant within. I can see how the juxtaposition between organic and completely minimalist would be appealing to some, but I prefer a regular flower pot, or at the most an all white modern container to hold my plants. Or something other than this.

4. “Fit” Painting, By Irene Stapleford on Etsy, $160

5. Milk Bottle Measuring Cups, Anthropologie, $24. How cute awesome is this? and if you look on the website, you will see the colorful inside, what a surprise!

6. “Pill Lights”, by Design Tree, $795 for a small one. Eeek this could get pricey if you were grouping them. Uh or if you were just buying one. But for the design aspect, I think someone would appreciate them and to them it would be worth the cost. A millionaire.

7. “Go To The Gym” pillow. Designed by Alexandra Ferguson and sold on AllModern. $99. Alexandra also has an Etsy shop where you can buy the pillow.

8. Vintage York Barbells, Ebay, $39.99. So I have had my eye on this item ever since I started researching for this theme. I LOVE these vintage barbells and how they are discolored in some areas. I think they would look awesome as a decorative item, maybe on top of a stack of books on a bookshelf in a guys office somewhere.  I know he first had this item listed for $50, then no one offered him anything, and he re-listed it for $39.99.

So yeah, in summary, my husband and his friend opened an online supplement shop. Go check it out!

One Comment on “Themed Thursday:

  1. Well this one is for Mike.. Nice website. I might order myself some vitamins:)

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