Foyer Makeover

I have been wanting to decorate the foyer for a while, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. Also, every time I re-do a room it takes a while to plan and purchase items. I imagined some sort of bright jewel toned paint, but that could go so many directions, and if done wrong could look like a 14 year old chose my paint color.

Plan: Bohemian Elegant


These pictures are so boring. Tan walls, misused space (shoes and gym bags shouldn’t forever go under the console table), and tons of empty space- the walls are empty, the floor is empty and the console table looks junky on top. also, mike looks like a creep peeking around the corner.

photo (1)


Weird corner nook:

photo (2) photo

Choosing a paint color:

I kept going back and forth between greens and blues, and eventually came to the conclusion that I would use a green color that had hints of blue. But only a little. To make it all look richer I wanted to use two different shades of green. A darker shade for the back wall (the one with the console table), and lighter shades for the remaining walls.

Here are the two colors:

Monmouth Green by Benjamin Moore:


Prairie Green by Benjamin Moore:


They look different enough right? But no, after I painted everything, you could hardly tell the difference between wall colors.


Like no one who came into the foyer would notice, only I could see a slight difference in color and that’s because I was forcing myself to! It’s not the fault of the paint, because they actually are very different as you can see below. However, the light in my house didn’t really let each color shine the way I wanted.


so i had to buy new paint, which really sucked but whatever.

new paint color: Celtic Green by Benjamin Moore


Blurry Image, but now I can see the difference in color. Back wall is dark, remaining walls are light.


Wall Art:

A pair of really cool original watercolor landscapes, they just need a fresh coat of white paint for the frames to tie into the color of the console table. Plus, they look dingy right now and I’m not into it. These will hang above the console table.


After Photos:


These chairs are actually from my dining room but I think the photo really needed them. Plus, I do want chairs eventually I just don’t want to pay for them right now. I kind of want to find two different but similar chairs at the peddlers mall and put them there. Mike and I were talking about the chairs next to the foyer table and he thinks they are so stupid. My argument is that even though they aren’t used on a daily basis, and that no one will probably actually sit in those chairs in those exact spot, they still serve a purpose. One, chairs next to a console table are pretty, and last time I checked no one was complaining about paintings on walls or pretty things on clothes not being functional. Because really they aren’t. and Two, they can be functional, like at a party for extra seating.













4 Comments on “Foyer Makeover

  1. Hi, how are you :)? I hope you’re doing really well.

    Firstly, uour foyer is very original. That was a idea of painting the back wall a darker color. It looks awesome. Second, I’m in the process of picking a color for my desk and I’m going green. I’m having a hard time picking a color and I’m wondering if you could help. In the picture in this blog post, directly above the sentence, “so i had to buy new paint, which really sucked but whatever.”, is the color on top Prairie Green?

    Blessings and love,

  2. Hi! so sorry I just now am seeing this comment! The darker color in that picture is prairie green, but I had to paint over it later with “celtic green”. Thanks for writing!!

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