Themed Thursday: Shades of Yellow

Summer is coming to an end, at least for me and for all my teacher friends. I go back to work next week and summer break is over, like yesterday. To celebrate the summer sun and all my fun summer times, I thought yellow would be a perfect theme for Themed Thursdays. Plus, I’m really into yellow this week because I have been searching for a yellow bedspread for my moms guest room budget makeover that I am working on.

Themed Thursday: Shades of Yellow

I love monochromatic color palettes. It’s really in those moments where you use similar colors that you can actually see how many differences even similar colors have. Just in this yellow collection below, there are yellows with a green tint, warm yellows, light yellows, saturated yellows, orangey yellows, and even golden yellows.



1. Yellow Floral Dishtowel, By LisaRuppDesign on Etsy, $20. One of those things that you say to yourself, “that’s almost too pretty to use” and then of course you need to remind yourself that objects are just objects, and they are meant to be used and enjoyed. Maybe it would make doing the dishes super fun..

2. Yellow Lucine Flatwoven Rug, World Market, $49 for smallest size

3. Citrine Chesterfield Sofa, Anthropologie, $6998.00. OMG, I don’t want this couch in my house, but I would so love to design a room for someone using this couch. With an unlimited budget. Like huge high ceilings, this couch, huge oil painting with purples and yellows and probably a black floating frame. I wish that could actually happen.

4. Cabana Yellow Stripe Pillow, Pier1, On sale for $9.98. Um, what a steal! Two of these, with like five coats of waterproof fabric spray and it would make your outdoor space so much more special. Seriously someone buy these pillows.

5. Modernist Bowl, West Elm, $8. Also a good price and such a versatile piece, it could be used on your vanity for rings and bracelets, or in the kitchen for whatever you use your kitchen bowls for. Oatmeal?

6. Yellow Ribbon Stripe Pillow, JCPenny, $24.

7. Ceramic Pig Planter, by fruitflypie on Etsy, $34. Yes. For my deck to sit on the edge, like oh hey this is my friend yellow pig and he has a plant growing out of his back. I want this planter forsure.

8. Summer Stroll Marigold Comforter Set, JCPenny, On Sale for $179.

9. Flocked Lampshade, Target, $20

10. Scroll Vase, Z Gallerie, $79. These vases aren’t my style, they sort of have a Greecian style to them, I’m sure they are for someone. I do love Greek food though.

11. “Good Morning Sunshine” Print, By RawArtLetterpress on Etsy, $27. This cute little print would look awesome in a bathroom, next to a vanity framed all pretty. Or even in a girls nursery.

12. 3-Piece Spoon Set, Rachel Ray for QVC, $14.99. Rachel Ray is all over the place.



4 Comments on “Themed Thursday: Shades of Yellow

  1. Lauren, I’m looking for a rug runner for the kitchen in the general neighborhood of 24″ by 90″ size that can be thrown in the washing machine when needed. I’d like it to harmonize with the colors in both the kitchen and dining room and I was thinking of muted shades of red, green, and goldish with perhaps some black but no brown if I can help it. I’ve tried looking at stores and such, but have come up empty, so your mom suggested I contact you. I’d like to have it in time for the shower in mid October.

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