Alternatives To Lace Curtains

I can totally understand the appeal of lace curtains. First of all, lace in general is a nostalgic object. Lace ties us to memories we have with people we love. They also allow a ton of light to come in, they have beautiful detailed designs, they are soft, light, airy, and flow gently with the breeze. However, there are three words I think of when I think of lace curtains.

Vintage. Country. Dated.

Vintage is fine, country is fine, dated is never really okay. I’m not saying that all lace curtains are dated, I’m just saying that if you still have the same lace curtains from 25 years ago then maybe that would be a little dated. So, I looked around and found some updated alternatives to lace curtains.

Option 1: A solid curtain that reminds you of lace. Light in color, light fabric, and the white detail are similar to the holes in lace curtains. “Sugar Plum Lace Curtain“, Urban Outfitters, $34



Option 2: Transparent and white curtain panel. Lace is typically white, with a pattern or design of holes throughout. This option isn’t combining a completely open hole, but the transparent stripes paired with the white fabric are similar to the contrasting white and holes you find on lace. I don’t even know if that made sense. The top of this curtain panel has those frills, that are romantic and frilly, like lace. This option gives a slight country feel, but the stripes bring it back to current times. “Lauren Ashley Belle Rod Curtain Panel“, JCPenny, Originally $70, on sale for $34.99.



Option 3: An actual lace curtain, with modern designs. Lace is typically a floral pattern with curved edges. This option streamlines that look. The cris-cross design gives lace a masculine and updated look.  Not that lace could ever be completely masculine with all of it’s lacey qualities, but still. The interesting thing about this option, is that off-white typically dates curtains, but in this case it adds to the modern country feel. This is by far my favorite option as an alternative to dated lace curtains. The only problem is the price, super pricey. I love how modern country they are and how they make me want to go out to the farm and get some chicken eggs and bring them back and read the new issue of Elle Decor Magazine. “Appliqued Lace Curtains“, Anthropologie, $188



Option 4: Traditional Lace Curtains. Sometimes you love lace, and you want it in your house, and you just HAVE to have lace curtains. “Rhapsody Folk Art Lace Window Treatment“, TouchOfClass, $50.



anndd in summary:





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