Themed Thursday: Back To School



School started this week, which means work started this week. Which obviously inspired this weeks theme, “Back To School”.


1. Study Drawers, Land of Nod, $45. In the picture they look a lot bigger than they really are, but I love how they subtly remind me of industrial drawing drawers. Which obviously makes me miss drawing. So much.

2. Dachshund Letter Holder, Anthropologie, $32. How could you not want this sitting on your desk? It’s such a good price for such a statement piece. Like how many people do you know that have a letter holder that cool? None I bet.

3. Red Desk Chair, Ikea, $34.99. I have a love/hate relationship with everything from Ikea. But for a desk that is only used sometimes, or for a chair for a teens room, I think this chair is awesome because it’s so mod and colorful.

4. Desk Organizer, Mod Cloth, $54.99. A desk organizer set inspired by London architecture, super clean and modern. If I had this on my desk at school, I bet every student would be like “Hey Mrs. Dahl whats that? Can I touch it? Can i Have a paper clip out of that? Did you make that Mrs. Dahl? Can I take it home with me?”

5.Gator Stapler Remover, AhaLife, $78. I’m not paying $78 for a staple remover, but if it were like $5 I totally would.

6. Rhombins Desk Accessories, AhaLife, $40. Another desk organizer, not so much my taste as the one from ModCloth, but for the person who hates clutter and just wants simple design, this is for them.

7. Oversized Growth Chart, Iron Accents, $49, A rustic touch for a kids room to measure their height. You could just DIY this.

8. Graphic Set of Printable Paintbrushes, By VintageRetroAntique, $3.50.

9.Decorative Apple Throw Pillow, By ClassByNature on Etsy, $40.98. For you know, the teacher who has a big country home with screened in porch and here this pillow sits on the porch swing. But only sometimes. Like the month of August, and maybe September if they get lazy.

10. Notebook Paper Ceramic Tray, By MangoTreeCeramics on Etsy, $7.00. How perfect is this for a teacher appreciation gift? I know tons of people (mostly parents of elementary students), who are always trying to figure out a gift for their child’s teacher. Uh here it is.

11. Bicycle Paper Clips, World Market, $5.99.


One Comment on “Themed Thursday: Back To School

  1. Well I love the bicycle paperclips and you dont have to be in school to use them. I totally would. Christmas is coming 🙂

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