Susan’s Budget Guest Room

Susan as in MY MOM.

My sister moved out, and away.  She’s doing the whole college/working full time/paying her bills thing. Go her. Plus now,  I get to decorate.  Her room now needs to serve as a guest room, and a nursery/toy room. When my sister was like, 12, she chose a snotty white-ish green color for her walls. yeah..anyway,  Since it’s a budget makeover, the walls needed to stay that color. Sorry walls. I felt that the only way to get it out of its tweeny-ness, was to work with the wall color, not against it. Keeping the color scheme fairly monochromatic ( in this case it’s yellows, yellow-greens, and green) will add a slight adult like look to the room, yet still colorful, fresh and happy.

Theme: Cheerful Botanical.

Before Pics: 





Everything for this room is budget friendly. Like i was on a foreal budget.

The plan:


After Photos:

I kind of hate how I styled the bed in the pic below, I was going for casual, but it went sloppy, sorry oh well!


styled better? I’m not sure.








and this photo below, it needs more. Just going to have to wait, again you know, because of the budget! But it actually works for now.


There is still a lot that needs to be done. I want to make a huge wall full of shelving for organized toy baskets, books, trucks, robots, and whatever else boys like. Fart machines? I don’t know. By the way, sorry I didn’t photograph the pack-n-play. If you can look at the before pics, the wall that has both the pack-n-play and the bedroom door is still unfinished. Because I guess sometimes when you have a budget, you have to work in stages. So there is no photo of that wall at all, because it basically looks the same.

Source Breakdown:

Bedding: Because it was on a budget, it was important that we chose the bedspread first. It was one of the larger items and also took up a great part of the room visually. I knew I wanted it to be within the color scheme, but was pretty open to the pattern. I found it on ebay, but it also can be found at target, Just cheaper on ebay, obviously. Pillows were from world market. $9.99 each what’s up.

Side Tables: Ughhhh, my least favorite part of the room. I think for what the budget was, this is what they had to be. And it’s not that they even look bad, it’s just that they could look better if the budget was bigger. and in my opinion, I thought it was more important to get better items for other parts of the room, and skimp on the side tables. These were like $10 each from target, in the dorm section. I do like the clean lines and the square shape.

Lamps: Clearance section from Lamps Plus.

Curtains: They were actually left in the house that my husband and I bought from previous home-owners.

Artwork: The piece above the bed is a charcoal drawing on canvas. I am kinda into drawing lately more than painting. weird. I think it’s because with the chaos my life is sometimes, getting out paint and water with a baby, a cat, a dog, and a clean husband is just too much to deal with. Drawing on the other hand is more accessible right now. The two patterned pieces are a DIY thing. Pretty obvious what I did. I framed fabric over canvas. Well actually, they are Williams-Sonoma botanical cotton/linen blend kitchen towels that I ordered off ebay. But you get the jist. And lastly, the two framed drawings were just two quick gesture drawings inspired by some random plant outside in my moms garden. Framed with a target frame.

1174380_10201967164399660_429058251_n 1208638_10201967162999625_1385425763_n

6 Comments on “Susan’s Budget Guest Room

  1. You did an awesome job Lauren! I can’t wait to come to Aunt Susan’s house and see it in person!

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