Mid-Century What

So my friend Emily (who FYI actually looks like Julia Roberts sometimes) used to be the Gallery Experience Coordinator at Repurposed Modern, and she was like “hey you should come by” and I was like “yeah girl be there in five minutes”.

Meet emily:

and lets talk about how nice the typography is below, or not talk about it, but just know that it’s great.


I drove to the Lyndon area (in Louisville, Obviously). It’s this cute little store, and I need you to drive there and check it out. I doubt you would regret it, I also really doubt you would actually buy anything, but maybe you would visit and be inspired and go back and buy something. Even if you don’t buy anything, it really is a nice experience.

Things I like:

1. It feels like a house. A unified Mid-century House. Opposed to thrift stores where you rummage around (which can be good and exciting, but at the same time it’s nice every once in a while to have an organized cohesive space. Like this one). So anyway, you walk through these rooms which are set up like rooms of a house, except everything is for sale.

2. There is room to breath. Again, it is very unlike a peddlers mall or antique shop. Because the rooms are set up like actual household rooms, you are able to really see and appreciate each piece of furniture, wall art, the cool objects and different accessories.

3. The prices. Totally reasonable and researched pricing. The people that work there are super knowledgeable and told me tons about whatever I wanted to know. Which you probably know, I wanted to know everything.

so anyway,

I think I wrote this before that Mid-century modern is so in right now. The furniture is durable and of quality woods. From a design perspective, mid-century furniture is super cool looking which adds tons of interest to a space. For my own taste, I love mid-century modern furniture made from wood (like dressers and consoles), I also like lamp bases and desk accessories. I also love the shapes on couches and chairs. What I dislike (again for my own taste), is the fabrics. I hate the color of these fabrics. not as colors in other parts of my life, but as fabrics only. The color is too dated for me, and often too futuristic-vintage. But, what is so awesome about Repurposed Modern is that no matter what your design taste is, you could easily find a piece of mid-century modern furniture for you. It may be that your house is from that era, so you may want to go all out and utilize the fabrics and furniture of that era. Or, you may be like me, and only want to use one piece of mid-century furniture for your house. Not that I have one, but I would like one.

use this one

So, Welcome to Repurposed Modern



“Woven Bright Bird”:



How cute are these?



“Virgo” Bourbon antique:



This lamp below can be used many ways. You can have the top part light up (as most lamps do), the top and bottom, or just the bottom. Not my taste.


These are awesome, I want these.


I love the legs, the little brass detail, and again, I want these.


Below is a TV lamp. Not common anymore at all. But it dates back to the 1950’s and would sit atop the family television. It’s main purpose was to provide back-lighting. I just feel like it’s so “extra”.


why do l love gaudy, orante, brass shiny things?


that base is amazing:




“Celebration of the Arts”. I seriously think some school needs to buy these and display them in the hallway. A school that you know, celebrates the arts. They should be displayed in a diamond though, all clustered together.



I love this type of thing, a perfect desk accessory.


and hello, how perfect are the tags?


The S&H green stamp book below is a cool little find. Customers received stamps after purchasing items at all sorts of stores. Those stamps could then be redeemed for other products in a catalog (kind of like today’s credit card rewards programs). The book contained 24 pages and could each page needed 50 points (in the form of stamps). Basically, you buy stuff and get points, and then use those points to get free stuff. which then motivates you to buy more stuff. Oh the shoppers cycle.


If this were a childhood memory, you could seriously frame one of these pages in a beautiful yet simple and modern frame to display in your home as art.


a rocker for a nursery:


Waffle Maker, $44


Mid-century Dresser



I wanted to buy this single hole punch below, purely for it’s shape and color. It would add soo much visual interest to a office book shelf styling, and also could serve as a conversation piece.


This is the Eames Wire Bikini Chair:



and here is some rock art:





uh yes hello summer day bar cart:




so yeah, go check them out!



2 Comments on “Mid-Century What

  1. I think I made a macramé hanging just like that in school:) Nice description of the store. Makes me want to go visit.

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