happy birthday to me. AND my business

So yeah, my birthday was today, no big deal. Actually it was. But, more importantly, and what is an even bigger deal is that i decided to make today the birthday of my business as well. It was no secret, I was always headed in this direction, but today, I made it official. As in I registered my business name, “Dahl House Interiors” with the Kentucky Department of Revenue. I even used my birthday money to pay for it.

So lets break this down, and by the way, this post is entirely about my business name and plans. FYI. AND, no pics. It could get super boring.


The name of my business is something I have thought long and hard about. I basically sit around and obsess and make lists and of course design all these fake scenerios in my head (in addition to of course some real spaces for people). “Dahl House” was one hundred percent a must have in my business name. There was no way I could pass on combining my last name with the word house to make a play on words to the original, “DollHouse”.  Here were the options.

1. “Dahl House Designs”. Mike was all about this name. He loved how the first and last word had a “D” sound. I value his opinion so much, but on this one I just couldn’t. Here is the thing, sometimes I will be designing spaces, and other times I may just be decorating. Plus, the visual of the word “Dahl House Designs” was almost too symmetrical for me, and it the most physcho way possible, I felt that my interior spaces are more eclectic, and although I love symmetry, It was too symmetrical for me. maybe too traditional? I don’t even know.

2. “Dahl House Decorating”. Uh NO. and same exact reasoning as the first. PLUS, the word decorating belittles my talents. It makes it seem like I’m about to come over and put up your Christmas ornaments. I will not. Unless you feed me pizza and cobblers.

3. and lastly, “Dahl House Interiors”. I know a ton of interior designers who use the word “interior” in their business name. Basically a ton. and here is why I chose to do the same. My business is to design interior spaces for clients. The word “interior” is so Elle. If a potential client saw the word “interior”, I believe, they would be more inclined to check out my business and contact me. The best example I have for this is the word “resin” verses “plastic”. Yes I will by resin earrings. Not plastic.


So, for those who know me, you know I obsess over designing and planning and every little detail when it comes to the aesthetic of something. I am a Virgo after all. I bet that annoyed some people, and I’m sorry.  Interior design is not something I was like “oh might as well”, it was more like I am destined to do this. You do know that you are destined to do things, right? But if you don’t take risks then you will never do them. I take educated risks in life all the time. Also in design I do. This is what I am meant to do. Which KIND OF makes me feel so superficial because basically I spend other peoples money and buy objects and furniture and make their house wonderful. But it’s that last part, “make their house wonderful” that really is important. I want to help other people enjoy the home they live in and make it there own. just better. The other thing that is important here is that to me, interior design is art. I approach the design of a room exactly like I would approach a painting. I LOVE curating (hence why I love doing themed thursday’s). I LOVE choosing color palettes and textures, and beautiful art that is unique the persons space I am working on.

I also want to do this because I am a boss lady. If you know me, you know I can be bossy and opinionated. Not in a rude way, and not about politics and crap. (not that those things are not important, because they are). But I am always very opinionated about the visual things. What our eyes see and experience. I want to be the boss of my choices, of my finances, of my daily schedule, of my work load. I AM THE BOSS.


Uh hello, because I said so. I am the boss of what I want to do, and I can do anything I set my mind to. I do not have a degree in Interior design, or architecture. oh well. The thing about interior design, is that you actually do not have to have a degree to get clients, or to start a business. Now, a degree will certainly help. But I don’t believe that it will help me. I am forsure not going back to school for interior design, when I don’t need to.

I went to school and studied Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Painting. I taught myself everything I know about interior design. THIS is why I am considered a risk.

When it comes down to it, my portfolio and my ideas will be what future clients see, not where I went to school and what degree I got.


I am working on a website now (like not right this second, but in my current and past weeks). Most importantly, I am working on a portfolio and photographing spaces I have done for myself and others. I will soon be designing the “face” of my business including logo and business cards. And lastly, I will be working on getting a list of services and prices together. It takes time. especially because I have a job, and this on the side right now. From that point, I will work on clients and marketing. uh months in the future though.

so yeah, again,



4 Comments on “happy birthday to me. AND my business

  1. This is awesome Lauren! You have amazing taste and I definitely want to be one of your clients someday!

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