Themed Thursday: Louisville Cardinals

It’s been two weeks since I have posted a “Themed Thursday”! This weeks theme is “Louisville Cardinals”, because you know, it’s football season. Like I love when UL wins, but I could care less about watching the game. I don’t care about it at all. Anytime someone invites me to actually watch the game I get anxiety because that means I would need to pack an activity kit. Plus, iphones don’t stay charged for that long so I would panic that I would run out of things to do, then I actually have to watch the game.

Untitled (Recovered)

1. Geometric Pillow, Pure Home, $85. I don’t love black and white necessarily. But I do love this pillow. I think since it’s more graphic, and the black lines are really thin compared to the white space, that it makes it look nice. Could be the centerpiece of a couch in a black and white color themed room.

2. Benny Sofa, Z Gallerie, $999

3. Steel Bend Arm Chair, West Elm, $799. Love the shape, hate the color. Maybe emerald would be best? Of course it would!

4. “Keep Calm and Cardinal On” 8 x 10″ Print, By GameDayPress on Etsy, $9.95

5. Candy Bowl, By CeramicaBotanica on Etsy, $50

6. Cardinal front Door Detail, Outdoor Living Showroom, $?. OKay well I have no idea where this bird is on there website, but I swear it’s where I had originally found it. That’s what I get for waiting two weeks to post this! You should really go check out the website though. If you are a girl, you could find some serious Christmas gifts for your significant other on this website.

7. Cardinal Drawer Pulls, Ebay, $10.95. When I see stuff like this I cringe. The thing about having a boy is that at some point they will reach an age where they no longer appreciate the sweet wonderful nursery you designed for them (aka for you). They will want some crazy sports theme with like enlarged wall decals of athletes, and knobs like this, and you know, stuff like that. And you have to say yes.

8. Louisville Tray, MuFungo, $11.56.

9. Damask Floor Pouf, Amazon, $219.

10. Cardinals Party Pack, Team Stores, $29.99



2 Comments on “Themed Thursday: Louisville Cardinals

  1. I happen to love red as an accent color and I do like the cardinals but don’t necessarily want them on my walls but as usual I enjoyed your post 🙂

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