Gallery Walls and Modest Etsy Self Promotion

I have been thinking a lot about gallery walls lately. In two different extremes.

On the one hand,I see them all over pinterest and everywhere else, which makes me feel like I am ready for the next new thing.

On the other hand, I love them. (Some of them). They are such a practical way to approach art because they cover a large amount of wall space, in a fairly inexpensive way. What’s weird is that I am more obsessed with how pretty the frames look, than the artwork that is actually in them. Sometimes.

Here are the kind I love: (and I really am sorry that I am posting pictures from the internet, because I try to have original content, but sometimes like now, it’s necessary).


Source: Uknown. sorry!


Source: The Berry


Source: Elle Décor

This type of gallery wall is traditional in it’s layout, and modern in that the gallery has a ton of white space, and thin clean lined frames. Traditional gallery walls stay within a “rectangle shape”. Canvas is the shape of a rectangle, so it reminds me of a very large piece of art. This type also uses the exact same frames for each piece of art, and each frame is evenly spaced.

I am very drawn to this type of traditional framing gallery wall, it can feel safe in a room that is often chaotic (in a good way.). For example, this type of gallery wall would look amazing in some bohemian atmosphere full of pattern layers and comfort. It balances it out. I also love this type of gallery wall because it allows the artwork to really shine. All the artwork is different, within the same exact frame. So, the viewer is not struggling to take in so much information such as various frames, various amounts of white space, and various art pieces. It is very clear to the viewer that the artwork is different and can be enjoyed with a more relaxed eye.

Using a more traditional style of gallery walls will give the room luxury and an expensive look. As long as the proper amount of white space is exposed. White space, as in the matte board around the artwork. If you don’t put a large amount of white space around the artwork, it may end up looking too crafty, or store bought. Which isn’t bad, but it’s just my personal preference.

So, here is my self promotion section that I am trying to be modest about but at the same time need to tell everyone about, because how else would I sell anything if I didn’t? So yeah, we all know now that I am starting an interior design business. Not willy nilly, A very thought out, planned decision. In addition to that, I am also going to start selling stuff on Etsy again. I see how wordy I am getting, so I’ll stop now.

I wanted to make inexpensive art specifically for gallery style walls.I mostly have 4 x 6 watercolor paintings, which are each $7. Then I have a few larger sizes for $10 and $12. Which is super inexpensive as you probably know. I think the mini paintings would be okay on their own, maybe? Mostly meant for groupings, like a fun mix and match thing.

Below are some botanical watercolors (again 4 x 6 inches each). In inexpensive frames from Target:


And food watercolors, which I can only imagine in a kitchen space. These are even cheaper than the Target frames, these frames are from Ikea.  Less than $10 each, but the only problem is they are only sold in stores.


and lastly, a single frame from Anthropologie (which perhaps could be used in the non-traditional gallery walls holding one of my Ikat fabric watercolors . The ones with random frames, sizes and images. You know what I’m talking about, you probably have one in your house). Wait, that hopefully didn’t offend anyone, like I said earlier, my personal preference is just the more traditional gallery walls.


In the weirdest way I feel like I need to apologize for posting so much “business” stuff lately. Like one day I’m doing design services, the next I’m selling on Etsy. You are probably like, what random thing is Lauren going to do next to make money? Don’t think that way, these are my two areas of focus. As I had planned. The Etsy shop is just an extension of my business. Which by the way I am loving.

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