E-Design for Jeana and Mike’s Bedroom

So as you probably know, I posted on Facebook that I need someone that would allow me to decorate either a bedroom or living room within a three week time frame. $1000+ budget. Be ready to spend the money. Allow me to come in and install everything in one day. Jeana said yes! Thankfully! I really am so thankful.

Since I am trying to grow my portfolio and make serious strides in getting my business together, it was worth it for me to design/decorate a space for free. Sometimes you have to spend money, to make money. And although I didn’t actually spend any of my own personal money, I spent a ton of my time. and time is money right? Actually, I have been spending so much time working it feels. Every day I go to work, then I come home and work on my business of sorts.  Totally worth it. PLUS, Jeana and her family are awesome and have really cool style, so it doesn’t even feel like work to me. WHICH HELLO..another obvious reason as to why interior design is what I need to be doing.

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” -Confucius

Maybe I just got too serious with the whole quote thing, so let’s just move on.

I asked Jeana to give me some information. The survey for Jeana was much shorter than one I am currently working on for new clients. Only because I know Jeana’s style pretty well.  Here are my questions, and her responses. 

1. Describe your style and aesthetic:

I would say a mix of a lot of things – traditional, eclectic, rustic, just not contemporary or too modern. I like a mix of old and new. I love going to places like Yesternook or and Goss Ave Antiques for things. I love personalized things like an afghan someone in my family made, wedding photos, mementos from travels.

2. What colors are you drawn to?

I’m always drawn to blues and grays, but I am very much open to ANYTHING! If it looks good with the space, I’m down with it!

3. What patterns are you drawn to (if any)?

I love patterns of any kind really

4. What colors to you stay away from or not want to use in this space?

Just not like black or beige, I like color. I also like white walls, but in my old house and with kids I’m not sure that would work, but I’m open to anything.

5. Describe the mood you want the room to convey?

I want to wake up and say, wow this is a beautiful bedroom! Classic, comfy

6. Do you have any special items that you want to be included in the space? (objects from travel, memories, children’s work, etc.)

I have 3 black and white wedding photos that I’d like to keep in it, I prob won’t put up the kids artwork, I have lots in our kitchen. I’m going to look tonight to see if I want to include anything from when we went to Europe. Also, I always thought it would be cool to have either a hope chest or foot thing (I have no idea what they are called but they are the same width as the bed and you can sit on it) at the end of the bed.

7. What physical changes need to be made to the space? (crown molding, holes in the wall, new floors, etc):

We’ll have to do some patching, but we can do that quickly. In the future we plan on refinishing the floors, but it won’t be anytime soon. Not much needs to be done in that regard.

8. What does the room need to function as?

Just sleeping and reading – our kids are just in there in the morning, but that’s it. We don’t keep a tv in our room, so just relaxing and sleeping.

9. Who will use this room?

Just Mike and I (and he doesn’t care what you do so don’t worry about that! he likes anything)

10. What existing furniture can stay? What other items should stay?

The bed, but we need a new headboard. We have a short long dresser and a tall dresser (we actually go these for free from Mike’s Aunt and if you can fit them in we can paint them or do anything to them). Other than that, that’s all we have.

11. What needs to go?


12. What are your hobbies and interests? And your husbands?

I love looking for antiques and used furniture. I love graphic design. Also love drawings and paintings, although I don’t do any of them right now. Mike is a simple guy, loves sports and hates shopping for clothes. He likes what I like, honestly.

13. Budget?

$1,000 – we are fine if you use it all, but if we could go lower that is always good. It’s not a big deal, because honestly, we have nothing for our room, so we need stuff.

Jeana and Mikes E-Design:

Theme: Whimsy Calm Romance

Muted Cool Grays with hints of blue and purple balanced with other neutrals. Organic shapes in fabrics and art.  Eclectic mix of high end low end finishes and styles. Personalized Jeana and Mike touches. A few weird (but interesting) details.


Jeana has already ordered all the items needed to complete the space (most of which are included in that mood board above). We are moving really quickly with this and I am super excited. I really can’t wait to style it and photograph it for my portfolio. With my new fancy camera. But yeah, this is where it currently is at, and after it’s all done I will post more pics!


6 Comments on “E-Design for Jeana and Mike’s Bedroom

  1. Hi Lauren, I work with your mom in the OR and she told me about your blog. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading it every week! Your writing is very enjoyable interesting and witty. I often laugh out loud . Also quick and to the point so its one of the few things I can keep up with.

    I think you have a great career ahead of you ! I don’t see how you do it all with fulltime job and new baby!

    Anyway I live in a log home and would love for and your mom ( and Ari) to come and see it sometime. It is very unique and ,unexpected with loads of charm – not like cracker-barrel though. Maybe I could hire you for some ideas and or finishing touches.? My motif is rustic elegance with some modern and traditional elements.

    Thanks and take care! Susan Bridges

    Sent from my iPhone: :{

    • Hey Susan! Yes, My mom has mentioned that to me and I really want to see it! I will talk to her about coming by soon, me her and Ari!. And of course I would totally love to help you find some things. Thank so much much for all those kind words, it totally made my day!!!

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