Themed Thursday: Shades of Green

Themed Thursday: Shades of Green. Because I realized I am obsessed with this color. I kind of already knew though. I think I said this before, when my themed Thursday was “Shades of Yellow”, but I LOVE creating monochromatic color schemes.

green blog

1.  Green Eames Chair, FamousDesign, $148E, so about $200 USD. I know I have said this several times, but I am not into the whole Eames chair mid-century thing. One item is all you need (in my opinion). I bet people hate that that’s my opinion, but I don’t care. You see it EVERYWHERE. At this point, it’s just predictable. The design is awesome, and aesthetically pleasing, and really really great. But, again, it’s everywhere. Maybe in a house, where these chairs were the only thing in this style, then I can see it working.

2.  Emerald Sofa, One Kings Lane, Sale has ended.

3. Tangle Throw Pillow, Lamps Plus, $99.99. Kind of expensive for a throw pillow, that is so similar to pillows you can find other places. I’m sure it’s great quality though. I would say $60 tops for a statement pillow.

4. Ripe Melon Pull, Anthropologie, $6. Yes.

5. Triple Decker Shelf, Urban Outfitters, On sale for $34 right now. So, if you click on the link to this shelf, the images totally make it seem like the shelf is much bigger than it actually is. I almost ordered this shelf for the nursery to store diapers and wipes, and when I read the actual dimensions I was like, “Phew, good thing I read that”. But, for makeup, and hairspray, how cute would this be? I’ll probably order it for my sister for Christmas.

6. SMEG Pastel Green Refrigerator, West Elm, $1999. Amazing, but only for a very specific person. I love this for someone else, but would never buy it for my own house. I would however, buy this color Kitchen-Aid Mixer for the same effect, just on a cheaper scale.

7. Sea Fan Artwork, Z Gallerie, $99.95. Two of these would look perfect together.

8. Green Double Gourd Lamp, WayFair, $259. Alright, I have had my eye on two green gourd lamps for months now. Not these exact ones, but still. I want so badly to design a room where I can use them, but it would take a very specific client. And, they are a bit pricey, but look at the statement they make!

9. Lattice Stool, Jayson Home, $350.

10. Rope Basket, Carons Beach House, $79. If you love beachy style, this website is totally for you.

11. Handmade Moroccan Tile, By LesperanceTile on Etsy, $25. Yes, handmade tiles. A pricey option for tiles, an investment I am not sure is worth it. Maybe in a small space.

12. Glass Terrariums, by FlathersCreations on Etsy, $55

13. (Which I just realized I did not label). Arabesque Emerald Rug, Genevieve Gorder for Capel Rugs, Call for pricing.


One Comment on “Themed Thursday: Shades of Green

  1. Well green is my favorite color and I love the couch. Do you think it would fit into my house?

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