Survey Results And Blog Changes

So, I analyzed the survey results. Well, I didn’t.  Survey Monkey analyzed them for me.  I am here to share the results with you, as well as my reaction to the facts. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey, your responses were extremely helpful.

Here are the facts: (based on those who took the survey. Obviously, I will never know the exact percentages of these questions, unless each and every person takes the survey. But, this is pretty accurate I am sure. )

#1. Gender:

92% of my viewers are female, 8% are male. I knew this. Well, I  assumed. The reason I needed to know this, is so that I could plan my advertising proposals around this information. I also was kind of curious. To be honest, more males read my blog than I thought. Yes.

#2. Age Group:

28% are 18-24 years old

48% are 25-34 years old

0% are 35-44 years old

12% are 45-54 years old

8% are  55-64 years old

4% are 65-74 years old

0% are 75+

#3. What category of blog post do you enjoy the most?

“Room Makeovers” are by far the favorite.

I should have approached this question differently. I should have had you rate them 1-4, and not just choose one. Only like two people had  “Themed Thursdays” as their favorite category. This was extremely helpful information. First of all, let me start with “Themed Thursday”. I spend hours on that each week. I love curating and finding unique items. But, I have decided to get rid of “Themed Thursday”. It’s no worry, I am not upset, I am happy that I know this information! I mean, I also loved that “Themed Thursday” had a nice ring to it, and that it was a weekly guarantee. But, I have other solutions to this.

Secondly, being that “Room Makeovers” are most popular, I will need to make sure to have more of this. HOWEVER, this is a difficult thing to have more of, due to money. Even room makeovers in my own home take months to plan and purchase. I could easily post makeovers I do for others, but that’s only if I can get people to pay for my E-design interior design service. It’s complicated. But yes, I love makeovers too and will try to post more. Even if it’s just mini spaces that I have designed or decorated.

#4. What is least appealing about my blog?

Okay, I seriously laughed out loud at some of the responses. I loved the honesty. A lot of people said “nothing”, which is so awesome. But, others did respond, and that was awesome too! So, least appealing things include my grammar, Themed Thursday, the graphic design, things someone can’t afford, and not including all styles of home decor. Dang lol. Here are my thoughts:

Grammar? So true. I am impulsive and need to get better about re-reading what I write, and reading it from a viewers perspective. Done. Also, KRISTIN KIRBY, I will absolutely hire you asap. When I am making enough money. Like foreal. (she will edit my posts because she is awesome and has experience).  Just so everyone knows, I will not stop using my own “voice”, I will just make sure to present it in a more grammatically correct way.

Themed Thursday sucks? I get it, its gone!

The graphic design? Another money issue. When I can make enough money off my blog to afford to pay for a well designed blog site, I definitely will. In the meantime, I have changed my blog to look a little more plain. If you read it from your phone, you wont even notice. But, if you read it from your computer you will be able to see a change. I would rather have a plain blog, than some blog with Tiffany blue font and chevron stripes in the background. No, that does not reflect my personality. Whoever wrote this should contact me directly, because maybe they are talking about something else. I would really love it if you did!

Including things you can’t afford? I can’t afford them either! It’s important to see all budget spectrums in design. It’s inspiring. I can understand how I need to choose more budget friendly options. I will.

Appealing to different styles? I can try, but I can’t change who I am, or what I am drawn to.

#5. Past Time Activities?

Pretty even, most people checked more than one. My viewers love art, decorating, DIY, and thrift store shopping. Perfect.

#6: Do you follow my blog?

Half yes, Half no. Ugh. Just follow it already! Follow. My. Blog.

#7. If you said no, why not?

Half said they don’t want to, half do not know how.

#8. Comments/concerns that could help me build a better blog. 

People suggested I work on my grammar (not just you K.Skaggs :)), paint color and room decorating tips, “problem areas” in the house, blog giveaways,  better graphic design, educate others about different styles, encourage clients to post “after” pictures. ALSO, lots of people said really nice, wonderful things. Overall, people love my voice, my writing, humor, and content.

It’s so wordy right now, you guys need an intermission. So here is a pic. It’s completely unrelated to all things I am currently writing about. Its a drawing that one of my students gave me. A picture of me, my husband, headphones, Barack Obama, and a flying Orb. Yeah. I don’t even know why I needed to explain it. Isn’t it so obvious?

K, back to business now.

I wish I could have asked more questions. Like, on a scale of 1-10 how annoying is it that I constantly post about my blog on facebook? Or, what can I do to make you want to hire me as your designer? Or at what point do you get bored and stop reading a post. But oh well.

Now, CHANGES TO MY BLOG, based on your feedback:

– No more “Themed Thursday”, I will know have “Similar Sunday”. Because I am so fixated on having one day a week that is guaranteed. This Sunday, I will have my first “Similar Sunday”.

-Monthly blog giveaways.

-grammar checks after I write.

– More “before and after” photos and room makeovers. More DIY. More space styling and decorating.

– “Featured Artist”, which I will post more about next week.

ALSO, I want to tell you guys again how thankful I am for filling out that survey. I now have a very detailed list of changes I am making to my blog. I also have a great demographic to present in my “advertising on my blog” pitch.





5 Comments on “Survey Results And Blog Changes

  1. You write in the way you talk and I think its cute and entertaining, who cares about your grammar!

  2. I enjoy your writing so much, because it is you, that I didn’t even notice grammar and I am usually picky about that.

  3. The Lord has blessed you with a great gift! He told me in my dream! I will have to talk to you about it next time I see you!

  4. I love everything you do and I like the way you take others opinions and change. Good job Lauren Renae Love Mom

  5. You take constructive criticism so well! I don’t think I’d be able to do that! I think you’re work is just awesome, I love everything you post!

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