Retired Homocide Police Officer Decorates For Halloween

Every night around six or seven, my son gets really fussy. He yells at me and says, “MOOOOMMMM, IM BORED TAKE ME ON A WALK”. and I’m like, “uh, loose the sass, and yes of course we can go on a walk”. So off we go on our walks. Well, one evening I was walking, and seriously this bloody creepman with guts everywhere was just staring at me. I was so scared, but I kept walking really fast past him, because I am not about that life.

So every day after that, I made sure to keep my eye out for Creepman. But, what I ended up finding, was not Creepman, but the woman behind it all!!!

Yes, some woman in my neighborhood makes these real creepy, real scary, real ugly creepy men for Halloween. Finally, I had to go meet her. Very neighborly of me, I know. We talked for a long time about things, like how she used to be a homicide policewoman, and her husband is a cop too. We also talked about other things that you guys probably don’t care about. So, let me get straight to the pictures.


She buys creepy masks off ebay year round, specifically to use during her creative Halloween months. Like this one:

Look , all the scary figures are friends. She finds clothes for them at thrift stores, Ebay, and sometimes her husbands closet.

She uses foam mannequin heads (from Sally’s) as the base for the masks she has purchased and collected.

These life like creatures are full of details, like BLOODY GUTS!!.

Here is a close up of some guts she was working on at the time.

Easy to make! I mean hey guys, we should all be making guts. It’s just Insulating Foam Sealant (she uses the “great stuff” brand), and red-ish paint.

She uses pool noodles for the arms and legs. You can definitely get those at the dollar tree. But, I am not going to even pretend that it’s a budget friendly project. I am sure that with all the time and details, this can get pretty costly.

Below is a hair styling mannequin head. Destroyed. Yep, who knew that under that perfect looking skin, was a hard foam like material?

Each standing figure is supported by a square shape of PVC piping.

However, not all figures are standing. She gets super creative with the positions of them. Like this one below, he is basically trying to crawl out of the screen and get you.

I hope you enjoyed these figures as much as I have! Later this week on the blog I am posting some Halloween décor, but foreal, I don’t even know how to compete with this!


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