DIY Fall Table Runner

I am working on decorating a small area in my house for Halloween/fall. What you probably wouldn’t guess about me, is that full on entire home holiday decorations aren’t my favorite. They are so expensive. You have to put them up, and then almost immediately take them down. They also take up space in storage. I don’t know. Don’t judge me. I do however, like decorating small areas. Like a wonderful space all beautifully full of a holiday theme. Oh that just gets me so excited. That’s all I will be doing though. I won’t be putting scarecrows in my yard, hay bells by the porch, bats in my windows, pumpkin string lights around my house, or any of that sort of thing. Mike mentioned going to garden ridge this weekend to get decorations for Halloween. On his own of course, honestly I can’t focus in there. Or in Forever 21, but that’s a whole other story. But yeah, he may end up getting decorations. I would rather spend money at the mall.

Next week I am posting a small area Halloween décor post. For that area I am using this DIY table runner. Also, please notice my new effort into making pleasing text/images. I really hope all my work pays off one day. I think about it every single day.



Step one: Using your printout and a sharpie marker, trace the pumpkin in alternating directions across the entire runner.  This will add interest. Make sure they slightly overlap, so that the runner stays connected. Because I am using this for a small space, I made mine thinner. But for the average dining table, I would use as much of the burlap width as you can.


You can use regular burlap. Or, I found this really cool product that was specifically a burlap runner. It’s laminated burlap and the brand is Crafty Cuts.  The backing has laminate on it, which is awesome because it gives the burlap some weight, and makes it easier to cut. It came pre-perfectly measured. 12 in x 47 in. For a really long table you could put two of these together, and just put a candle or pumpkin over the seam.

In this optional step below, you could trace the pumpkins on the front of your burlap fabric (or if you decide to get the laminated burlap product, you will need to pre-draw the pumpkins on the back which is the laminated side). The sharpie will slightly seep through the holes in the burlap, allowing you to do Step Two without having sharpie show.


Trace the sharpie with white puff paint. Or whatever color. I think white will look best for my own Halloween small space tablescape. If you did the optional step by drawing the pumpkins on the back of the burlap, then you will now turn it over and trace the front, where the sharpie has seeped through. I wasn’t that worried about having thicker sharpie marks show, I even think it makes the white stand out against the burlap.


Cut out the entire connected pumpkin area out. Leave about a quarter inch border past the puff paint.


I can’t wait to put together my small Halloween space, and use this runner to anchor it all.


Before I was cutting, I sort of thought the runner would look good as is. If you have a large dining table, keeping the entire runner intact and rectangular, would definitely bulk up the center of your table. It’s really up to you!




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