E-design: Jen’s Apartment Living Room

Jen has been living in her apartment for about a year now, although it looks like she’s been there only days! She’s in her late-twenties and works as a sales rep. She is not ready to commit to buying a house, but she is definitely willing and ready to begin decorating her living room area. She says that her apartment will be long term, but who really knows. Maybe she will meet the love of her life at some restaurant and they will get married, buy and awesome house, and have ten kids. But anyway, Jen hired me to design her living room, give her direction with her other spaces, and to work around existing furniture. She has a tan sofa. It’s not the best sofa, but she is not wanting to purchase a new one just yet (I believe it’s because she doesn’t actually want to live in her apartment long term).

My goal was to choose larger quality items that can travel with her throughout her life. Even when she is 60 years old, she should still have some of these great pieces. The smaller pieces (like pillows and lamps), bring a pop of color, but are inexpensive so they could easily be changed when she gets tired of them.

Jen's Living Room

The floral artwork was the inspiration for the entire space. It’s amazing and I want it, but I can’t have it, because Jen is getting it. It’s bright, floral,thoughtful, and beautiful. In a weird way it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. To balance the bright artwork, I am using brightly colored pillows and throws for her boring couch. Don’t worry she knows it’s boring so I’m not offending her. The coffee table is actually two side tables put side by side in front of her couch. This works best for an apartment, as they can be easily moved throughout the space as needed (for example if she is entertaining). When she eventually moves into her own place, these can then be used as side tables. The rest of the palette is neutral, and anchors the room. Neutral, not boring. We used interesting details like rug patterns, textures, and artful furniture to bring interest to the space.


An E-Design service provides the client with accessible design advice that sets the framework for a single room, for a set fee. All work is completed via telephone and email. All that is needed from the client is a completed design questionnaire, a budget, and images and dimensions of your room. Returned to the client will be a design concept, mood board (which is what you see above), a complete shopping guide which includes non-urgent and urgent items (usually sale items or items found on ebay/craigslist),and  a detailed floorplan

Click here for design service inquiries. Or email me @ DahlHouseInteriors@gmail.com, Subject Line: Design Service Inquiry


2 Comments on “E-design: Jen’s Apartment Living Room

  1. Great decorating choices! I’m sure Jen will love her new living room!

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