Featured Artist: Jennifer Davis


 Jennifer Davis
jennybanana (1)   jennytreeinstallation
Where can we find your work?
 About Jennifer:
I am a painter living in Minneapolis, MN with my partner of 18 years, Brad, and our cat of 18 years, Nudge. I have a studio in our house where I paint full time.
What type of art do you make?
I am mostly a painter- I make smallish acrylic paintings- but I like to dabble in a few other things- collage, hand painted sculptures, drawing…
“Oh My Dog”, Jennifer Davis 
 Describe your creative process:
I normally start a painting by layer several colors onto a panel and then using a reductive process (such as sanding or scraping) to mar the surface. The surface irregularities often suggest faces or objects so I build the narrative of the painting around whatever bubbles up. I usually finish all of my paintings by adding tiny details with a fine point pencil.
What/who inspires you?
I used to have a canned answer about what inspires me- other people’s art, films, animals, vintage toys, found images, blah blah blah- but I have come to realize that I don’t understand where inspiration comes from at all. I think I would want to make art even if I was locked in a dark room. Inspiration is a mystery to me!
“Hideaway”. Jennifer Davis. 

What draws you to the materials you use? Why do you use them?
I work very quickly, with lots of layered paint- and I have very little patience. Acrylic paints suit me best because they dry quickly. I love my mechanical pencil too-because it is pink.

About the content and ideas behind your artwork:
The most difficult question for me to answer! Since my mode of working is so intuitive and spontaneous I don’t start out with ideas about the content. I don’t really work in series so it is hard to make generalizations about my the content of my work as a whole. There are themes that pop-up frequently- and most of them have a narrative quality, an eerie feeling- but I prefer to think of each painting as having unique content and ideas. OR- I am just too inarticulate to explain. =0)
“Cat Cars”. Jennifer Davis
Whats happening in YOUR art world right now?
 My most recent exhibition, “Free Association” at the DeVos Art Museum at Northern Michigan University ended last week. It was a wonderful experience. I am in a show at LeQuiVive Gallery in Oakland, CA that opens on 10/5/13 called “Neu Folk Revival“. I have just started work on a series of my largest works to date (4×4′ panels) for an upcoming solo show in Minneapolis related to my recent Next Step Fund Grant. I am documenting my grant project here.
“Spoiler Alert”. Jennifer davis

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