What Your Lamp Says About Your Style

I rarely meet someone who has just one specific “style”. Most people are a combination of two or three styles. But, just for fun, I made this style guide based on the lamp you own, or wish you owned. I wish I owned so many lamps, but I only have like two. Really, just two.

lamp style


Worldly is for the traveler at heart. See, it’s hard to say your actually a traveler, when traveling is super expensive and like hello what about your responsibilities to your job? “Worldly” is part of my own style, which is weird since I rarely travel. I mean, I’ve been a couple places and I am very grateful for that, but I definitely haven’t traveled the world. I do have a desire to though.  I am drawn to this type of style because having worldly objects in my house makes me feel connected to other parts of the world. Even if I haven’t actually been there. Even if I had to order it on Ebay. Even if I had to drive to World Market and pretend I am somewhere else. Worldly style is inspired by travel, has globe like forms,  uses materials reflective of nature such as jute, twine, and canvas, and of courses uses patterns and motifs specific to other countries. Clay pots, persian rugs, moroccan lamps.


Traditional is a familiar style to all of us. Maybe it’s our own home, or our parents home, but I am certain that someone we know (if not tons of people we know) have a traditional home. I would really say based on no research at all, that the majority of the population has a traditional style. The thing is though, is that I don’t think they even intended for it to happen that way, it’s just that most big box stores sell traditional looking items. It looks awesome when traditional becomes purposeful. However, it’s always strange to me when some 25 year old has that style, I guess I just feel like it doesn’t reflect their personality. I’m probably getting offensive at this point. I’ll stop. As a personal preference, I do not prefer this style, but I can definitely appreciate it. Gold framed landscapes, beige pillows, drapery tassels, floral, and cast iron coffee tables.


Eclectic is my favorite style of all, and really, it’s not even a style, it’s a combination of styles. Why is it my favorite? Easy. Because I think it’s important for everyone to buy what they love, not things that necessarily match, or were originally a set. The thing is, when you buy stuff for your home, you need to buy what you find to be most beautiful. You don’t need to worry about the styles clashing, because it will definitely go together. Because you bought it and it’s what you love.


Artful style is for the person who has great appreciation for the handmade, for the artist, and for the look of good craftsmanship. The item doesn’t necessarily need to be original and handmade, it just needs to look it. Tiffany lamps, artisan dining tables, hand painted knobs.


I do love industrial style in doses. I actually just purchased a lamp off ebay (originally from pottery barn) with the whole industrial look. And by “Just bought”, I mean I bought it like four months ago. OH MY GOSH, forget what I said earlier about only owning two lamps, now that I remembered this one, I own three.  I forgot about it only because it’s for my master bedroom, and I am storing all the items for that room right now until I can buy everything for it. Industrial style in my opinion is really inspired by the “behind the scenes” imagery. For example, nuts and bolts used to be a hidden thing, but with industrial style, they become part of the design. I also find this style to be very architectural and dimensional. Brick walls, arched lamps, concrete floors.


Ugh blah ugh. I hate it. I can appreciate it, but it’s so hipster. A touch of modern here and there is fine, but if your whole house is uber modern, then where is the warmth. Family is about warm fuzzies, so why live in a sterile environment. Not that modern is sterile, but sterile is my perception of what modern style is. A modern vase, or piece of art is great. Modern style uses new age materials in new ways. Modern is sleek, it’s clean, polished and glossy, often neutral and often white.


Like modern, Shabby Chic takes full advantage of the white color palette. The difference is, that Shabby Chic ventures into creames, where modern rarely does. Shabby Chic is aged, somewhat traditional, feminine, floral, white washed, and layered.


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