Susan’s Magical Cabin

Susan (not my mom), but a friend of my mom’s, invited us over a couple of weeks ago. She lives in what I would describe as a magical, rustic-modern, lived in and layered, extraordinary cabin.  I’m going to be working on a small space in her home where I will be choosing paint colors, picking out some framing options, and styling an entire bookshelf. Which is like my top five favorite things to do. I seriously can’t wait. There were so many little decorating “moments” that I want to share with everyone, because it’s super inspiring. I’m not that good yet at photographing larger spaces in direct window light, so ignore the quality. Also I took over sixty five photos, so here are the ones I narrowed it down to.

This is the entrance to her home. It was raining this day, which was a bummer, but not really. Being in such a cozy space while it rained gave a secluded comforting feeling. A perfect place to relax.

susan bridges 057

Harvest/Halloween decorations on the porch table

susan bridges 054

And these two turtle shells are so wonderful. People pay for this type of thing in the store, replications of white turtle shells, but no, Susan found these in her yard by the pond. Apparently, when a turtle dies the sun bleaches the shell white.

susan bridges 055


susan bridges 017

susan bridges 015

susan bridges 016

I wanted to post a picture of Susan, along with her cat and dogs, but the picture didn’t turn out. So, here is Simba, her awesome, big, furry cat.

susan bridges 053

susan bridges 024

Not the best quality photo below because of the back light shining through, but I still needed you to see it.

susan bridges 008

Identical red book shelves frame the large window in her living room.

susan bridges 009

Okay look at this chandelier, how perfect is it for this home? Branches, moss, birds. Yes.

susan bridges 005

The kitchen has all kinds of knobs, similar in size, but with different painted designs.

susan bridges 007

Oh, and Susan made us a “green smoothie”. I wish I could love green smoothies, I tried it for the first time at her house, and I wanted so badly to love them. She loves them though, and is super committed to them.

susan bridges 001

susan bridges 033

susan bridges 026

susan bridges 027

susan bridges 045

susan bridges 050

This space is the space I will be working on, but I didn’t show a picture of the bookshelf or wall (which is one the right side of the photo). I will whenever it’s finished. Notice the zebra skin. Her father hunts, and I think it’s so cool that she is able to incorporate that into her home.

susan bridges 040

Yes, I love that lamp.

susan bridges 035

The guest room bed:

susan bridges 037

susan bridges 012

susan bridges 011

This had the potential to be a really great photo. But it’s not. This was one of my most favorite moments in the house. This line up of frogs over the kitchen sink, that ended with a rock that is sort of shaped like a frog. It speaks to the whole idea of the home. I mean, it’s not like Susan, or anyone, could ever plan to find a rock that looks like a frog. Yet, someone did find it in nature, and she incorporates it so naturally into her home décor.

susan bridges 002

Lastly, here is the pond area in front of her home. I don’t think the way I felt when I was standing there is really captured in this picture. But this particular spot felt very magical. First of all, anything with water is curious and calming. On top of that, that bench welcomed conversations and friends. Then, small details surrounded the pond. Like a tree that has wine bottles on the branches, small statues, and found objects.

susan bridges 059

I will be posting before and after photos at some point of the space I will be working on. I hope you loved her space as much as I did!


3 Comments on “Susan’s Magical Cabin

  1. Oh Lauren- I love the photo tour of the house and reading your thoughts about it. I agree there is something magical and calming about it and you were able to capture that feeling. It truly is the beauty of nature everywhere. I love the way your pictures highlight small details and leave the viewer wishing for more. You really are so talented! Oh btw thanks for not including a bad picture of me 🙂 Also it was great to meet you and Ari. He is such a beautiful and sweet little boy!! Takecare Susan Sent from my iPhone: :{

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