Jeana’s Floral Bedroom Painting

This is so overdue, it’s crazy. But, here are the progress pics of the painting I made for Jeana and Mikes bedroom. To see before and after pics of the whole makeover, click here. I actually originally wanted to paint a sepia tone version of Jeana’s wedding bouquet. But, things quickly changed as I realized that a brown bouquet is super depressing. You may wonder why I didn’t just paint her bouquet in color, and that’s because there were reds and yellows in her wedding bouquet, and those colors just didn’t belong in the space. Like they just didn’t!

boo 002

jeana painting1

boo 009

boo 010

boo 011


Yes, this is when I began to realize that OH NO, this can’t continue this way. At this point, I got way less stressed and way more free and dreamy about the new direction of the painting. I felt like I was able to take it to a new playful floral wonderful place.

boo 012

boo 013

jeanas room 009


5 Comments on “Jeana’s Floral Bedroom Painting

  1. That is a beautiful painting! You are so talented! I am so proud to say I have a Dahl original in our baby room! πŸ™‚

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