Bedroom Makeover. Finally.




It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything on here, which is kind of sad, but it’s only because I have been working on a ton of projects for people, which is awesome. And by a “ton”, I mean not that many, but enough to where I am busy decorating outside of work. It’s really great. Anyway, I think I have been talking for like ever about redecorating my master bedroom. An extremely important space to feel comfortable in, yet for some reason I put it off `for over  a year. Seriously, a year ago is when I began gathering items for the room, and it wasn’t until this past weekend that I FINALLY finished it all. Unlike most people, I waited until I had every single detail planned out and purchased before I put any of it into the room. So, down below,  is what our bedroom has looked like up until a few days ago. 

Ugly blue wall color, totally ugly, totally extra. Messy floor, box springs against the wall, TV on the floor (which actually still is but am planning to hang it soon), a bassinet (!!! like what!!! Ari has been out of that thing for almost eight months now!!! why is it still in there!!!). As you can see, we have no where to put our cell phones at night to charge. A Completely dysfunctional space, and completely uninviting.


photo 2


photo 3


photo 4


photo 5



bedroom makeover 092


I wanted the room to have a west coastal woodland vibe. Yet in the most subtle of ways. ALL neutrals were welcome, and I wanted a touch of other muted pastel-like colors to give some contrast and love to the space. 

more master makeover 003

more master makeover 004

Above the headboard, I did a play on the whole “Mr. and Mrs” thing. My (or the Mrs.) side of the bed is on the left, and the Mr. side is on the right. So, my hip traveler hat to hang on the left side, and on the right side, I framed one of Mike’s art prints that he made in high school. Which is beyond special to me. 


bedroom makeover 090


Wall Color: “Ottertail” By Behr. How cute is that name? It’s a great mixture of grey and light brown. 


bedroom makeover 091


The “Mrs.” Side: A mini bedside gallery wall with mostly neutrals, whimsy, and a touch of fleshy pink. Oh, and the most fabulous industrial task lamp. OH my gosh, and hello, even more important than all of that, is a nightstand. Finally!



bedroom makeover 081


more master makeover 006


more master makeover 002


The “Mr.” side: Same off white nightstand, a simple arrangement of art including framed wall coverings, and a tiny gesture drawing. A farm inspired book holder, and the best candle ever. 

more master makeover 001

bedroom makeover 085

bedroom makeover 086

bedroom makeover 087


Below is the TV wall. This is the wall in the room that I would consider unfinished. I didn’t even post a full photo of it. We still have no dresser, or shelves, or full length mirror. But, it’s in my future plans. Hanging on either side of the TV, is two framed artworks. Not really art, but more like interesting paper that I framed. And an owl, because it needed to be there. It was actually a thank you card, but I used in the frame, and I think the owl really likes it better that way. He says. 

bedroom makeover 076

bedroom makeover 077

bedroom makeover 088


and of course, my BFF had to be in a photo. 

bedroom makeover 080




7 Comments on “Bedroom Makeover. Finally.

  1. The funny thing is that you said at top you waited until you had it all planned out and items purchased, and then in the end you say how you still need a dresser, shelves or full length mirror. Lol! Sorry, I’m all about the details and now you know I actually read your whole blog. Any who, it’s super cute and you are so talented.

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