My Little Sunshine Turned One- Birthday Party Decor

This cool guy below, yeah, he just turned one! Without sounding extremely self centered, it also felt like my birthday.

ari birthday party decor 023


The first year after having your first baby is such a whirl wind of what not. It’s especially emotional to me thinking of labor and delivery, and the first few weeks after he was born. I associate those feelings with some sort of magical high of wonderfulness, and newness. I literally lived a brand new life this past year. I have loved watching Ari learn and grow, I too have watched myself learn and grow. Learning to balance my job, and other creative outlets, marriage and responsibility, and then there’s the whole dream of finding my abs.

One of my favorite things is watching Ari develop his own interests and his own personality. Ever since he was born, we would walk around the house discussing colors, and textures, and artful things. But you know what, he said “Poop on your art talk mom, I like big cars with wheels that spin, and shinny buttons!”. Which is great, in a way, since his gifts were all that, plus some.

We had Ari’s birthday party on Derby Day, since he was born so close to that event. Oh, and so we could also party it up.

Birthday Theme: You Are My Sunshine + Derby

Which sums up to a bunch of shades of yellow everywhere, festive garlands, delicious food, horse racing/betting, and some very real sunshine! I’m pretty sure it was such a great day weather wise, that we almost for two seconds thought summer was here.

Let’s just start with my obsession with custom stamps. And Adobe Illustrator.

ari birthday party decor 004

To anchor all of his(our) birthday goodies, I created a scalloped paper backdrop out of craft paper. I love the mixture of patterns and variations of orange and yellow. The color and shape totally reflect the color and shape of a sunshine. We kept the cake table as our current bar cart. I really debated on wether or not to cover it, but I think the rustic-ness is a fine table for the cakes, and dark enough to balance all the light yellow. In the center, is the main cake, and of course the whole thing had to be symmetrical, because that’s just how I like things. In the back left and right, are two short yellow ombre vases, with pale yellow balloons floating. In the front left and right, are two white rectangle platters with living green plants, and cake pops turned upside down. Under all the cakes/etc is a light yellow piece of scrap fabric I found for like $1.50 at Hancock fabrics, and surrounding the table is fringed paper bunting.

ari birthday party decor 018

ari 1


ari birthday party decor 016

ari birthday party decor 020




I am so in love with his birthday cake. It was made my by sister in law, Kim. Kim’s Just Desserts. It is exactly what I wanted.  The cake was a white almond cake with butter cream icing bountifully layered in between the exposed yellow ombre` cake.

ari birthday party decor 014


The cute little lion below is super fitting for Ari, since his name means “Lion Of God”. I very much represent that animal, with him, and myself. But again, not trying to steal the thunder. It’s also yellow and orange like our sunshine theme. And cute. Like Ari.


The photos below were taken before we found out about Ari’s egg allergy. Kind of crazy that the small amount of egg used in his birthday cake caused such a reaction. Thankfully it wasn’t scrambled eggs, or a larger amount of eggs that led to the discovery. ari cake


It was super windy, so I did not get many successful photos of outside. Basically, none.

ari more cake





ari birthday party decor 006


B L O G    |   S E R V I C E S    |   A B O U T   L A U R E N   |    P O R T F O L I O   |   S H O P


3 Comments on “My Little Sunshine Turned One- Birthday Party Decor

  1. This looks really good and it was a Great Party!!! PS Tell my Lovey hello:)

  2. I love the decor and the food! What a fabulous first birthday party! P.S. Glad you are blogging again. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts at work and showing them to my co-workers. You are so creative! Love ya cuz!

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