Four Reasons I Blog + Personal Blogging Challenge

I’ll start with my personal blogging challenge (despite the fact that I listed it second in my title). My challenge is to blog 30 week days in a row. No breaks, no nothing.  I go through blogging phases, as you know. There are times when I blog often, and then of course times when I don’t. By being inconsistent, I am losing a dedicated readership, and missing out on many other opportunities, I’m sure.


blog challenge

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I often find myself asking myself, “Why do I blog?”, and “Whats the purpose?” Plus, the word, “Blog”, is so..playful looking..not serious looking.. I mean just look at it, with its curvy-ness and excessive counter space (the holes in letters).  To call myself a “blogger” almost seems like a past time activity. And, okay, I get that it can be, but I would like it to be more than that for myself.


B L O G word

Hand Drawn Type by Lauren Dahl

Blogging full time is something I’ve been considering for a quite a while. Full time meaning daily, or at least having a consistent weekly schedule (like maybe every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Full time also meaning, in addition to my full time teaching job + design business. But, It takes the ultimate leap of faith to commit to that. Why? Because unlike other jobs, you don’t get paid until later, if ever. It’s only when a blog has a large readership, a voice, a brand, a uniqueness, and a commitment, that they begin to profit off of all the hard work. That’s when medium-large brands begin to contact you to have their store advertised on your blog, and when business owners begin to want features created just to showcase their product. Dream-Life. This 30 day challenge will be a self-test. Can I do it, and is it effective?

In the midst of all my mental battles with blogging, and feelings that I’m wasting my time,  I always come back to the same few reasons for keeping on.

but why not

Hand Drawn Type by Lauren Dahl

Here are four reasons I blog:

1.  Story Telling with a journalistic twist is my cup of tea.

If i liked tea. Which I do, but not every day. Anyway, it’s something I have unknowingly and organically  been pursuing for almost 8 years now. When I entered college(majoring in fine arts / education), I began contacting and researching magazines and artful businesses to find ways that I could contribute in a creative way. I wanted to write design and DIY articles using my own voice and my own stories, and boss the creative direction of my ideas. Nothing usually came of my pursuits, I was 18 and didn’t know how to pitch ideas very well. The point is, is that I love it. I mostly love the writing and sharing of my creative endeavours. I also love photos(although that’s what I consider to be one of the top areas I could use improvement in), the graphics, the researching, and documentation. I also enjoy press and publications and pursing professional outlets for my creative and personal writings.

2. I’m the boss.

The thing about pitching ideas, is that the possibility of rejection is always there. I’m very comfortable with rejection, as it happens often. It’s good though, really. I have emailed probably 7-10  producers within the last 4 years pitching an idea for my own  TV show- centered around design with a hint of my personal life tossed in there. Maybe 2, if that, have responded. Oh and for the record, zero have been interested (which I’m assuming you know, since I don’t have my own show). I’ll just mark their no responses as a rejection. I have reached out to over 12 design and decor magazines, and some have responded. One hired me. In addition to that one magazine, I also worked as a freelance DIY and design writer for, but I’m not overly proud of that one.  I have also submitted my work to well known (and not so known) blogs. Sometimes they use my photos, like here, here, and here. Other times they don’t. So, rejection is normal, and rejection teaches us things (like how to write a better pitch).  But here, on my blog,  I can do whatever I want. I can feature any project I want, and no one can reject it. Which means that whatever idea I want to pursue, I can, which in turn leads to self-fulfillment.

3. Serves as a portfolio/documentation.

I am a list maker, a planner,  and a huge art journal keeper. I document everything. I make lists and plans, and make sure they happen. Organization is not the same, that’s another story. FYI though, for all you people who are questioning my organization skills, please know that I’m extremely organized, just you know, in my own world. But, back to pitching ideas, and learning from rejection. I can link my blog  into any email I send to any person, and with a few clicks they are able to see what I’m all about. They can see my writing style , they can see my portfolio, services I offer, see my art style in my shop,  and even read about me. Therefore, the email to them can be short and to the point, and giving the direct link to my blog will give them any additional information they want to know.

4. I’m 98% sure it will lead to something.

So far, blogging has already has led so many creative business opportunities. The blog centers around Dahl House Interiors, in which people have read my blog and hired me to create E-designs or style their existing home, and even make artwork for them.   Those things would not have happened if I did not have this blog as my platform. And, it’s not that I’m not thankful for these opportunities that I’ve mentioned, I just want more of them. Not in a greedy greedy way, but in a, “I’m trying my very best to follow my dreams and make money doing it” kind of way. Totally understandable.


So, Yay! to the “30 day blogging challenge”, I’m really excited to share more design, food, and stories on my business journey, maybe even a hint of motherhood here and there. I hope to see you back, like tomorrow.



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7 Comments on “Four Reasons I Blog + Personal Blogging Challenge

  1. Lauren, you are so funny and talented. Keep on blogging and pursuing your dreams. I hope to see you on HGTV real soon:)

  2. Your post comes at the perfect time for me. I just started my blog a few months ago, and have already been doing some major slacking and have been down about it lately. I love doing it, and am also hopeful for some creative opportunities, but can’t seem to make the time. You’ve inspired me to challenge myself to 2-3 posts a week for the next month. Go girl! Let’s do this! Kristal –

    • Kristal,
      I love your blog and that we are in the same city! Glad to hear your personal challenge, excited to follow along.

  3. Hi, Lauren! I love reading your blog! Happy Summer! 😀

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