Girls Night In: Grilled Shrimp Pasta & Wine Sauce + Dessert



I pretty much love girl time. Like I love it. No boys allowed.

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Grilled Shrimp Ingredients:

1. Shrimp- Shelled and deveined | 2. Olive Oil | 3. salt & Peppa | 4. Basil

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We used fresh shrimp, because why not spend girls night gossiping and digging out veins? Nicole is the best at it, look at her go! It really is a labor of love.

Shrimp Directions :

1. Cover the shrimp in oil and seasoning | 2. Grill shrimp 3 minutes each side, or until pink

Thanks for the help my babylove!

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and thanks to Nicole too! (and her fabulous shoes).

All done!! Gosh, I’m so proud.
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Pasta Sauce Ingredients:

1. Tomato Paste | 2. Wine | 3. Heavy Cream | 4. Butter

(you can pretty much use any amount of any of these ingredients, which is why I didn’t list measurements)

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Before making the sauce, it’s very important to cook the asparagus in the same skillet you will be making the sauce in. That way, all the crusty bits that get stuck to the pan will add flavor to the sauce.

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Sauce Directions:

1. In the same skillet as you cooked the asparagus, melt butter & add tomato paste | 2. Add wine, and bring to a boil | 3. Turn heat down and add heavy cream | 4. Set aside.

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This was seriously delicious. Leftovers were great too. Cooking with wine brings a new flavor, which is what I believe makes it special. It’s a dish that takes a lot of time and love, almost so much love is needed that it would almost make more sense as a romantic dinner dish. But not really, because girls night is just as fun.

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Okay, so obviously you can’t have Girls Night without dessert. Everyone knows that. If I ever went to a Girls Night and they did not have dessert options, I would probably leave. I wish I was joking. Since we were already cooking with wine, I thought we could continue that whole theme, and use wine to make our dessert.

Grilled Peaches Ingredients:

1. Peaches | 2. Wine | 3. Honey


1. Soak peaches in wine & honey | 2. Grill slices on high, until those beautiful grill marks appear, and all that honey and natural sugar carmelizes

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Oh, and chocolate covered strawberries. But we all know how to make those. Peaches + Srawberries + Chocolate + Perfect summery combo!

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