Art To Adore: Amanda Blake


Amanda Blake, “Anais”


Amanda Blake, “Aster”


Amanda Blake, “Everything Was As It Should Be”

I came across the artwork of Amanda Blake on Pinterest , a few months back. Her work is figurative, narrative, and evokes emotion. I love her use of patterns, and textile renderings. She uses lovely patterns on her figures, who often stand with complex body language and eye contact. Her art becomes moody with black outlines, and dark facial smudging. It’s a parody to life really, and coming of age, and growing up in family oriented america. There is a slight eariness to her oil paintings, but also beauty, playfulness, and imagination.

At a closer look, “Everything was As It Should Be” I think captures the true essence of what a lot of her paintings are about. The pink sky is vibrant and happy, and filled with large white birds. Perhaps representing freedom, and soaring dreams. The sky also ties directly into her constant use of pattern. There, on the very forefront of this wonderful landscape, stands a woman, who is seemingly perfect (pearl necklace, floral dress), ready to embrace the now. Her posture is so confident, so sure. The title of the painting also helps me to make a lot of connections. Yet I sit and wonder, is everything in her world really perfect. I almost feel like she has escaped reality. But I guess we all do that from time to time.

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