Popsicle Mondays: Caramelized Banana + Tart Berry Chocolate Chunk

It’s summer, and it’s hot. Like really hot outside. I don’t usually make popsicle’s, but a few months ago, I had this really strong urge to start making them. Mostly because they are cold, and it’s hot outside, but also because it’s like a science cooking experiment, and it would be a sweet egg-free dessert that my son could eat, and occupy his time for about 11 minutes. But then, things got crazy. Because in my mind, I’m like, “If I can make ANY popsicle I want, what WILL I make? Oh that’s right, Every. Single. Kind. Possible.” My good friend, Nicole, loves pickles, so I was like, “wait, no really wait, I can even make a pickle juice popsicle. For her. NO WAIT, a bloody-mary popsicle OH MY GOSH” Again, conversations with myself about popsicle possibilities. But how excited would she be if I really did that? But then, how sad would it be when it melted before I could even get it to her on her lunch break? Awful.

The point is, is that popsicle’s are awesome. And the possibilities are endless. So, each Monday is now, “Popsicle Monday’s”, completely devoted to homemade popsicles. Which by the way, why aren’t we all making. And I thought it would be cool, if people could send me their own homemade popsicle’s, so I can do a final share day at some point. So do that. Please.

For the first week of “Popsicle Monday’s”, I made a spin on the typical, strawberry-banana popsicle.


Popsicle 2 popsicles 3

PopSicle Mondays - Straw-nana

Layer One – Chocolate Chunk – Ingredients:

1. Chocolate Chips

Directions : 

1. fill the bottom of the popsicle molds with chocolate chips

Layer Two – Caramelized Banana- Ingredients : 

1. Brown Sugar | 2. Butter | 3. Vanilla | 4. Banana | 5. Vanilla Yogurt

Directions :

1. In a med-high skillet, melt butter, and vanilla | 2. Add brown sugar and stir around until it becomes

one gooey mixture | 3. Cut the Banana in 1/4 inch slices | 5. Place the slices in an even layer in

the skillet with the brown sugar mixture | 6. Caramelize each side (3-4 minutes per side).

|7.  Pour entire skillet mixture into a blender or food processor

|8. Also into the food processor, add vanilla yogurt | 9. Blend

until smooth | 10. Fill second layer in popsicle molds with this mixture

Layer Three -Tart Berry Chocolate Chunk _ Ingredients:

1. Strawberries | 2. Water | 3. Lemon Juice


1. In a small saucer, boil water, and lemon juice  | 2. Add strawberries, and turn heat

to med-low | 3. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes | 4. Stir to dissolve all solids

5. Place mixture into molds | 6. Add chocolate chips to this layer, so that the chocolate sinks into this layer



Popsicle Combo


One Comment on “Popsicle Mondays: Caramelized Banana + Tart Berry Chocolate Chunk

  1. WOW These look great!! You will have to make me some the next time I visit

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