DIY Scalloped Party Backdrop


Scalloped Party Backdrop

Sometimes, when I go to a craft or art supply store, I walk back and forth down the paper aisle, just to hang out with all the pretty paper. I even think about it for hours after I have left. My baby love just turned ONE, and for his party, I created a large scalloped backdrop (with all the lovely paper that I love to stalk) to serve as the background for all the yummy cakes. I literally went to bed most nights thinking about all this yellow/orange paper, and how I was so excited to have a project I could buy and use it for.


1. Patterned Paper (I used a variety and in different shades of yellows and oranges) | 2. Scissors | 3. Bowl or circle for tracing | 4. Several glue sticks | 5. Masking Tape | 6. Large cheap paper (for gluing scallop paper)


photo 1

Step 1:

Trace a billion circles, or however many circles you may need. My entire wall was about 30 sheets of 12 x 12 craft paper. As a time saver, I folded each piece of craft paper in half, then in half again. That way, I only needed to trace & cut one circle, and in return I would get 4. Craft paper is semi-expensive. Not for scrapbooking necessarily, but for a backdrop that will be disposed of. My advice for anyone doing a temporary installation would be to print off various patterns from your home printer. Either make patterns using adobe illustrator, or even find free patterns online. It will save a ton of money, even considering the ink that will be used.

photo 2

Step 2:

Cut & Set aside, saving the “leftover” sqaure shape.


Step 3:

Cut the edges off of the leftover sqaure shape, creating lots of little triangle paper cut outs. This isn’t a step that must be done for the scalloped backdrop, but I found great use in all those triangle scraps. I used mine for making a cute banner to go around the cake stand.


Step 4:

More cutting. Cut all of those large circles into half circles. This will be the scalloped part of the backdrop.


photo 12

Step 5:

Create your surface for gluing. I used large poster board and connected several pieces with masking tape, so that it covered the surface of my wall. Oh, and make sure it’s a quality masking tape, cheap masking tape will not hold the weight.

Step 6:

Begin scalloping! Making sure that no two similar pieces touch, begin gluing the scallop pieces to the poster board surface. put two side by side, and then another one under and in between.

photo 9

Step 7:

Cover up the masking tape with scallops so that it gives a clean finish.


Making progress..

photo 8

Ta-Da! All finished.

photo 10

More on the birthday party decor, here.



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One Comment on “DIY Scalloped Party Backdrop

  1. The birthday party and all the decorations were a hit. It was all beautiful

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