Hearty Breakfast Bars

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I try to live a low-carb lifestyle, and it has worked out really well for me as far as happiness in food, life, and progress is concerned. Low-carb, not low calorie, just to clarify. One of my rules for low-carb living, is that most of my carbohydrates will come from my breakfast. After sleeping 8 hours, and not eating dinner a few hours before bed, I wake up starving. STARVING. So, although these bars are full of “non-breakfast food”, I still consider them a really great grab-and-go breakfast. Or, a good, easy, snack for Mike throughout the day. I made this recipe up, based on ingredients I already had at home. The real inspiration came from the Kentucky Hot Brown, but gosh this is so far from it, but, it did get my ideas rolling. Also, the fact that I had a bunch of crescent rolls in the fridge inspired this dish. Why did I have so many Crescent Rolls? I have no idea.


1. Chicken | 2. Ham (I used deli ham) | 3. Swiss Cheese | 4. Asparagus | 5. Corn | 6. Tomatoes | 7. Peppers | 8. Crescent Rolls

Layer Descriptions, From Bottom To Top:

1. Crescent Rolls – Smashed and spread out

2. Swiss Cheese

3. All the Meats

4. All the Veggies – Prior to this layer, cook all the veggies in a skillet med-high heat.

5. More swiss Cheese

6. More crescents


Use your specific crescent instructions for baking time. I just kept a close watch, until they were puffy and golden.

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photo 4 (3)


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“Hearty Breakfast Bars” is published in the Good Eats Category of Dahl House Blog.

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