Craigslist Louisville | 7.3.14.

Pottery Barn Wicker Outdoor set, plus custom professionally made cushions. $650. Well, let’s start with the “professionally made cushions”, no. I just have a hard time believing that they were professionally made, since the pattern is crooked. I dislike the cushions, because of the color, the pattern,and that slight crookedness would drive me crazy. But, having said that, I LOVE the chairs. They are cozy, and fun, and so Naples. Like, I could totally sit in that chair with a hoodie, some tye dye leggings, flip flops, and a roasted marshmallow.


Pink Rug, $70. One of the smartest things a person can do when selling on craigslist, is to find the original image from the product source, and post that, along with your own photo. The company will have already styled the product, and made it look beautiful in whatever space they have it in, and when people search for a an item, they will be able to better see it in their home, if the photo is good quality. But seriously, how cute is this rug? I like the pink, next to the coral color. It adds a bit of sophistication to an otherwise bubbly tween pink color. I can see this in a bathroom, or as the rug used by the kitchen sink.

Sofa Sectional, $1600. Yes it’s a sectional, and big, and bulky, but it would be perfect for a big family. You know, the kind with kids running wild, jumping on everything, and the mom is trying to pay her bills real quick while the kids are pre-occupied with the new Lego movie. That type of family needs this. It may be big, but it’s also structured. Most large couches I see, have slouchy sunken areas, but this one looks firm and of quality. Think of it is a blank slate, to put all kinds of throw pillows, and blankets on. This is real life perfect.


White cabinet, $125

When I see this cabinet, I really see all kinds of fun ways I could style it. With books, and accessories, and unique knobs. It would fit in any room, and could serve many purposes. Does it hold your dishes, or kids toys/books, or is it the new addition to your walk in closet? Who knows!


Vintage Papasan Chair, $20

Oh. My. Gosh. I need this. As in I don’t really need it, I just really want it.


Tea Cart, $100

How sweet is this little white tea cart? My only concern would be stability, but if this is your style, you should totally go check it out. A couple things come to mind when I see this. First, was using it as a photo prop. For anything. For artwork, for a playful kids shoot, for florist photos. It could almost enhance any photo theme your going for. Secondly, I can see this cute cart on a deck in the summer. Drinks, lemonade, ice bucket, small vase of flowers, polka dot straws, and so on.


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